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Below is a small selection (that has become large) of recent comments we received.


Subject: Panama FAM April 2018

Dear Norma,

The fam trip to Panama was terrific.  The Naturalist, all of the accommodations, sightseeing, just everything was wonderful.  Thank you so much for this opportunity.  You are wonderful, well informed, people with whom I have dealt with since my almost 15 years at Rosenbluth Travel.  You are A #1.

Thank you so much.


Subject: Costa Rica Fam Trip

Norma Jene,

This email is way overdue but I want to thank you for all your help with our Fam Trip to Costa Rica in December

I  was fortunate to bring along 5 other couples and we had an amazing time. Once we got past the first night in San Jose, everything went very smooth.

I would not recommend the Barcelo in San Jose. We checked in close to dinner time and then went down into the lobby for dinner. We were down stairs about 2 hours.

In the meantime, (we believe) a maid had used the shower in my brothers room after he checked in. Once we got back upstairs after dinner the shower and towels were all wet in his bathroom. Nothing was missing from the room so that was a good sign. We did tell the front desk but they really did not seem to care about the situation.

After the 1st night everything was perfect. I highly recommend the Mawamba Lodge. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and everybody  at the resort was extremely nice. The number of tours were just right for our group. As for the Tabacon, which we did upgrade to and add an extra night, was beautiful. I think their hot springs there are one of nicest in Costa Rica. Our zip line was of course awesome and full of excitement. It was great to end the trip at the RIU Guanacaste to relax and get some sun before heading home to Chicago. The transportation service between each hotel and airport that we used was wonderful. They drivers were always on time and were very, very nice. On our long drives they stopped for us when needed and made the bus trip fun By stopping to see monkeys in the trees as well as purchasing pastries and breakfast one morning. I highly recommend this company. As for the services with Sunnyland everything went very smooth and it was enjoyable to work with you Norma Jene, I look forward to working with you in the near future.

Thanks again,



October FAM 2018

Dear Elie and Nadine,

I wish to thank you again for the wonderful Panama Fam. The country and it's people were special and I learned that it is definitely a destination and not just a canal transit.

Please accept my apology for my screw up of departure time for the airport. You'd think after 30 years In this business I would have re checked my itinerary. So sorry to have caused you and others the confusion. Six things stand out for me from our trip

  1. The Marriott was excellent and had the perfect location for touring and shopping
  2. The short canal trip gave a good overview. A canal transit is not necessary to enjoy Panama.

    3. The tour of Old Town, lunch and trip to the fabled Gehry Museum was wonderful and showed what

        a client might choose while staying in the city

    4. The daytrip to the Indian village was interesting and worthwhile. Even the boat trip gave us a sampling

       of plant and wildlife

    5. The trip to the Sheraton at the beach lacked the ability to explore the area. Maybe in another season

       with less humidity, it would work better. Also the drive was fairly long for a short stay.

    6. The dinner at the Bristol was a very pleasant surprise. Both wine and food was perfect as well as the

       short tour of rooms.

Elie - you have a hidden asset in your lovely wife Nadine. I'm sure a Fam is not her usual form of travel, but she participated like a true agent. Thanks Nadine for your friendship ( and shoe brand name )And finally, I was impressed with your organization and YOU !  Sunnyland will hereafter stand out for me and my agents.




Subject: Cuba Travel FAM June 2018

Hi Jasmine,


I just want to thank you for putting together my trip to Cuba.  Our tour guide and driver were amazing and everything went smoothly. It was truly a trip of a lifetime and I thank you for making it possible!!!!




Jenna  Travel Advisor




Subject: RE: Fam Trip - Jordan - update - April 2018


Hello Norma,


We have returned from a fantastic fam trip to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Your local partner was excellent in terms of organization, coordination, timing. If I may say: perhaps 3 hotels (overnight in one of the Dead Sea resort hotels? would have reduced the amount of Round Trip time spent on the same roads back and forth from and to Amman. Mohamed Al Awimer, our dedicated Tour Guide, was great and flexible. Lead by him we sampled the best, most savoury, freshly baked Arab bread lunches in years J Literally out of the oven! Royal Jordanian Airlines new Boeing B-787-8 are an asset for this airline (full flights from and to ORD), spaciousness of the cabin, moist air (absolutely no competition here: The best flights ever in this field), on time departures and landings. I have saved Sunny Land Tours web site and contacts for future travel planning on behalf of budget conscious yet avid traveler clients. Thank you again for including me in this particular Fam Trip.







Jordan FAM Nov 05 - 12, 2016


Dera Norma Jene,


Thank you for the trip of a lifetime! Sunnyland Tours is a terrific company. Your tour was so professional and perfect in every way imaginable. Shelby Morgan was a personable hostess! Your airport representative was so courteous.  Our bus driver Muhout was fantastic! Your tour guide Suhaib was so informative and enthusiastic!


The Toledo Hotel was great and the Marriot was magnificent! Thank you for the special dinner at the Bonita! Unbelievable! Thank you for all the entry fees to all the special sites and also the visa! Your company deserves a 5 star rating for the perfect vacation. The professional operation is evident! Hoping to do business with Sunnyland Tours with pleasure!


With Kind regards and Gratitude,







Subject: Costa Rica - Smith x 4 passengers

Hi Jasmine,


I hope you had a nice summer. The Gorman-Smith party sent me a message to say that their trip was the best they have ever taken. There was one minor mix up with their transportation  to the zip lining. The tour company had them scheduled for the wrong day, but they got it straightened out. I just wanted to make you aware of the circumstance. 


Thank you for all your hard work putting this trip together and for exceeding their expectations with all your wonderful suggestions. It's always such a pleasure to work with you.

I was wondering when I might expect my commission? Would you mind checking into that for me or directing me to someone I should speak to? 

I hope you're having a good day! 


Kindest regards,


Subject: Lebanon tour evaluation for Norma Jean
As per our conversation on the phone,I would like to add the following of the evaluation of the Lebanon Fam Tour:
1 It is perfectly safe to travel in Lebanon and Baalbek.
2 The people are warm and friendly and almost everyone speaks English.
3 While shopping they except credit cards and dollars. It is the remote areas that you would have to exchange your   
4 The excursion tour company that you selected is excellent. The guides are very knowledgeable,speak good         
    English, very friendly.
5  The hotel Le Commador is not in the best location for scenery. It is in an older area that is run down,however the shopping area is only two blocks away . The hotel is really a four star hotel. The rooms are old but, the lobby and service areas are modern. I would recommend that you use hotels that are in a newer area like "Le Mall" or five star hotels like the Four Seasons or the Phoenician that are located near the new marina.
6 Your transfer people were excellent. They were on time and got me to the airport in plenty of time.
7  In Beirut they have a huge traffic problem and garbage along the roads and in some building areas.

Having said all of this ,I had a wonderful time. I will be looking forward to any new trips you may be planning in the future,especially Eastern Europe, the Five Stan's , and the Mid East. Please notify me by email of any new trips. I would love to tour them and give you feed back.
                                                                              Sincerely, Cathy


Sent: Wednesday, July 06, 2016 12:57 PM
To: Norma Edwards
Subject: Re: Cuba details for your Fam



Hello Norman Jene,

The Fam trip to Cuba was a wonderful.  Our guide Felix was fantastic and our driver did a great job as well.

I think I know have the information and understanding of Cuba to sell it to my clients.  It was nice to learn about the hotel options and new dining options now available.


Havana was a remarkable city and it was also very interesting to visit Vinales Valley which is such an interesting contrast to Havana.


The instructions provided in the travel documents were very helpful.  I would suggest that if possible that the check in counter state that there are 2 lines, one for check in and one for luggage and also if it could state where the flight is going, Havana, so that you know for sure that you are in the correct line.


Thank you so very much for the opportunity to learn about Cuba.  I hope to work with you soon on Cuba Vacations for my clients.


Thank you.





To: Norma Edwards
Subject: Re: Welcome Back Cuba

Hi Norma Jene, 


Thanks for your message. 


The trip was incredible.  Our guide – Onellio was awesome and he really made the trip.  I loved everything about Cuba and I would love to try and organize a group trip through you guys for the fall.  I will be reaching out.   


Here is my feedback that will help future groups: 


1.  Air – it was very unclear how to get to the charter flight.  The ticket I had said Terminal D-2.  I landed on an American flight in Terminal D.  I went to gate 2, and of course they had no idea what I was talking about.  The agent told me to check the board for flights to Havana.  The time on our ticket said it was departing at 3:00 pm (which was wrong).  That is actually a good thing because had I seen our flight on the board, I would have gone to the gate and waited to board, which I would not have been able to do since it was a charter. 


There were no instructions to me that I needed to exit security and go to a certain Check Point Area to find the Charter Air check-in.  It is not labeled clearly at all.  Once I finally found out (from the white airport information phone) that I had to exit, I had a very difficult time finding the check-in.  It was a terrible feeling.  I called you andthe information you had was the same D-2 that did not help, which is not good.  I saw a banner that said Cuba and I interrupted the group leader to see if he knew where I was supposed to go.  He made a phone call and finally was able to direct to the right place.  This was a very bad start to my trip and I feel like it could have easily been avoided had the documents had some instructions.  Also, the flight listed was actually at the wrong time, so I’m not sure what happened there. 


2.  Money – Cuba is very expensive.  People may think because it is a third world country that everything would be cheap and that is simply not true.  I think there needs to be more details in the documents about this and also highlight that dinner is at our own expense.  We went to wonderful private restaurants that were awesome, but it was expensive.  Also, there is so much great art in the market, but unless you brought a lot of money, you could not buy anything.  Even t-shirts in the market were not cheap.  The documents should also have tipping guidelines.  We had a hard time getting our guide to give us an amount.  He finally told us that a good tip for the driver would be 10 CUCs per person per day and 5 would be just okay.  He would not give us any guidelines for him.  We guessed and doubled the driver amounts.  We also found out that the Cuban people are very grateful to have anything we can give them:  gum, pens, hand cream, shampoo, aspirin – the list goes on.  It would be great to know this in advance because in many ways, these things are just as good as the money, because they either don’t have them, or they are cost prohibitive.  We all wished we would have known this in advance so we could have brought a few things for them.  


Bottom line, a few of the guests ran out of money.  Once they pulled out the money they needed for tips, they didn’t have enough money for dinner.  Other group members loaned them money.  It was embarrassing.  I think you need a minimum of $500 for this trip, and really $800 would be better to be safe.  I know it is hard to tell people to bring a lot of cash, but there was a safe in the room and the truth is you need a lot of money for the trip. 


That is my feedback, I hope it is helpful.  




To: Jasmine Sidawi
Subject: Re: Welcome home - Re: Royal Tour of Jordan w/Air FAM, Jan. 23 & 30, 2016- Beach x2 passengers
Hi Jasmine,
Thanks you for the trip and for keeping in contact with us.
We had a great time!  It was beyond informative and very eye opening.  We will be sending many film crews there now that we know the logistics and how wonderful it is there. 
As for the tour and accommodations here are our thoughts:
First off - the tour Guide was beyond GREAT!  He was informative and an all around great guy.  I know it is very hard to be in a group for so many days but he handled himself and the 3 of us VERY well - he is a gold mine for you guys.  There was no question we had that went unanswered, he TOTALLY knew his information and filled our days with all kinds of historical and modern facts.  Jeff and I adored both Suhaib and our driver Jihad and from here on out all groups we send there will request them both.  
The locations we visited were great!  I wouldn’t change a thing except to maybe add a stay at the dead sea for an evening - just because it was so peaceful.  All in all we had a great time and were inspired by the sites we saw.  Jeff is already pitching Sony Studios 2 ideas for films there so I would say that is a success.  
Thank you again for the tour and the AMAZING guide!  

UFO International Film Travel




Subject: Re: Welcome home from Havana


Thank you


All is well. A very good time ready to return.


Our driver Julito and Tour guide Oneilito was excellent.


My daughter loved it. Our group of twelve got along so well you
would have thought we knew each other prior to meeting 5/27/16.


Will email you when I speak with my group of six for more information.








Subject: Thank you for Cuba Fam Trip


I want to thank you so much for enabling me to experience Cuba, first hand.

Our guide was wonderful.

He was so informative and communicated in a very candid and honest way. He  enlightened us to

the trials and tribulations of the Cuban people and how they have come to accept their oppressive life compared to those in a

democratic country.

We saw all the sites and our driver was punctual and flexible.


The only disappointment was the hotel.

Although, they said it was upgraded, the carpets were filthy in the halls and the furniture was quite cheap and rooms musty on arrival.

The location is not great and I would prefer to accommodate people either in the restored Colonial area or in Revolution square  at the Iberostar Park Central or the small boutique hotel, Saratoga.

Melia is also not in a great location to walk to the sites.


Thank you so much and I hope I can send client's to Cuba in the near future.




Subject: RE: Welcome home! COSTA RICA APRIL 2016

Hi Lori and Joe:
I wanted to say THANK YOU for all the help, time and planning you put into the Costa Rica trip! We all had a fabulous time, and learned so much about Costa Rica on this trip. We can't say enough good about the 2 EXCELLENT tour companies that you deal with. They were so informative, gracious, and accommodating to the entire group.
We only had a couple minor glitches....1 being time of pick up on details vs the voucher from Mountain Lodge... no big deal, it assured they were all there and ready to go. Can't even remember the other it was so minor.
Jacamar even created an extra tour for some of our agents that wanted to visit the resorts they send their clients to at the Rio's and Westin on one of our free days... they came and spoke to our group at the training we had as well as Barceló and she set up private table for group dinners.
It was perfect mix of learning and doing and we couldn't be more pleased. We had a follow up call and we reiterated that their job now is to bring business to Sunny Land. We were disappointed the Ala Carte restraint was closed during our stay so we could all try it... but the Villain's got to on their extra night and gave it rave reviews.
We look forward to working with Sunnyland and sending business your way. (what is commission with you?)
We enjoyed the variety and can't say enough about everyone we dealt with. Super pleased.
Thank you,
First Travel Alliance


Subject: Jordanian Fam April 2016

Dear Jasmine,
 I want to profoundly thank Sunny Land Tours, as well as Royal
Jordanian Airways for an outstanding insight into Jordan. The services of
both guide, as well as driver exceeded our expectations. They were both well
educated, totally knowledgeable , and consistently spoke highly of their
country. Both were exceptionally proficient in their skills, and they
portrayed Jordan as a totally safe and affordable location. The hotels
selected were in excellent locations, and other than minor food complaints,
all went well. I will definitely recommend Jordan as an exciting, and viable
location to all of my clients. We as a group were totally pleased to have
had this opportunity to visit such an enjoyable, and welcoming country.
Joseph / Journeys Unlimited 


Subject: RE: Jordan FAM April 9 


Dear Norma,



My trip was fantastic!!! I loved the county and our guide Suhaib was great! Very knowledgeable and professional guide.


I would highly recommend Jordan to all my clients! To be honest, hotels were average, especially the one in Petra, had very small bathroom and breakfast was bad, but this didn’t affect much my great experience of the country.


It was truly one of the best trips (and I have taken many trips) in my life!!!


Thank you very much for all your help with my travel arrangements!


Thank you,






Subject: Trip to Cuba

Good morning Jasmine,


We just wanted to tell  you what a wonderful time we had in Cuba.


It was beyond our expectations.  The hotel, Guide and Driver were

wonderful.  We felt safe and comfortable the whole trip.


The only glitch was the flight back from Cuba. . . The flight was delayed over 2 hours going back to Miami.


Have a wonderful day.


Ben & Catherine 


Subject: Re: Feedback - Costa Rica Explorer FAM Trip- 05DEC 


Hi Jasmine,




Hope  you had a wonderful holiday season! Sorry for not being able to get back to  you sooner - it has been so busy with work, holidays, etc. We really enjoyed the trip and it was a fabulous experience which we still talk about from time to time. The service was excellent - thoughtful arrangements so we could experience different parts and flavor of Costa Rica; the tour guides were very knowledgeable and professional; the hotels are good and the transportation transits were smooth… 




After all, it was an excellent, worry -free and very enjoyable trip and I have been telling my friends about it and the great services you provided and would definitely recommend you to my friends.




Also, I would like to mention that your are so wonderful and the professionalism and the service you provided with us for this trip was just remarkable and really appreciated!!!




Btw, do you have any Caribbean cruises  in April?




Thanks again and hope we can work together again!




Best regards,



An associate and I recently returned from your Costa Rica Explorer FAM CR-SLT-F04, 28 November -  5 December. The purpose of this email is to provide you feedback on our experiences.

We thought the itinerary was well planned for giving a short overview of Costa Rica’s Caribbean Rain Forest at Tortuguero National Park, the Arenal Volcano area, and the Pacific Coast Guanacaste area. We had the opportunity to become acquainted with the native culture, geology, flora and fauna. The accommodations were very well located and of a high quality.

Other observations:
   - The trip documentation arrived on a timely bases and was complete.
   - All the transportation arrangements were on time, the vehicles were relatively new, clean, well maintained and properly sized for the various 
     groups. All the drivers were competent and drove safely.
   - The provided meals were of good quality.
   - The guides were competent, spoke understandable english and were helpful. Particular noteworthy was Eric Salazar for his excellent work at
     Mwanba Lodge
   - The excursions, (bird watching, sightseeing from a boat, introduction to the forest plants and animals, hikes, spa visit, etc.) were well selected and 
   - Finishing the trip at the all-inclusive RUI Guanacaste Resort was a great way to end the trip.

Areas you might wish to consider making some adjustments.
   - The 2.4 km Arenal Volcano hike is steep and rocky in places, with about a 350 feet elevation gain. It was not a short, easy, mostly flat hike as we were lead to believe. Some of the older participants found the hike to be quite difficult. The itinerary should be made clearer on what one can expect on this hike.
   - The itinerary should be more up front on the long travel times getting from San Jose to Tortuguero, Tortuguero to the Arenal Volcano, and from the Arenal Volcano to Guanacaste. Indicate what the travel times are. Fortunately 2 these long boat/bus rides were broken up with a lunch stop.
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to participate in this FAM. Sunny Land lived up to its fine reputation. I will be passing on our experiences to our staff with a recommendation to suggest Sunny Land for clients interested in traveling to Coast Rica. I note you have several excellent itineraries.

Please forward this email to any of the Sunny Land staff members who might be interested in my comments.




Sent: Monday, November 9, 2018 8:39 PM
To: Joe Nazi
Subject: RE: Feedback - Nicaragua FAM - Oct 31-Nov 07,2018
I can not even express how much we enjoyed this trip to Nicaragua. The Hotels were just wonderful and in great location, very very clean. The flight was delayed but Socrates had our names on a flyer so we could not miss him and did not have to look for our transfer. Socrates really made our trip he is so knowable in the history 
and seemed to know every place in that country, also very punctual friendly and accommodating. We took a lot of pictures even of our meals we ate because 
everything was so beautiful presented and  fresh and delicious. I did check out some Spanish Schools and also was impressed. All in all I just loved the trip and the ones who did not go are really missed  out on a beautiful country and people. If you ever have anything going to Honduras I definitely would be interested.
Thank you again for such wonderful Adventure I loved every
minute of it.
PS. if I find someone to care for my dog I would love to go back 
for a month and go to the Spanish School..


Feb 03 2018 - FAM Guatemala Discovery - GT-CK-F01 - Dale


From: Dale Mueller
Sent: Tuesday, February 3, 2018 2:38 PM
Subject: Re: Guatemala Fam trip - feedback


Hi Antoinette and Fernan,

We arrived back in California yesterday. As you mentioned, I wanted to send some feedback about our experience and for future clients.

Overall, the trip exceeded our expectations. XYZ Tours personnel were knowledgeable and helpful and the hotels were well chosen. We learned a lot about the country, history, geography, arts/crafts, and economic challenges.

Here are some things I'd suggest for the future ~

Credit cards - Guatemalan ATMs are changing to chip only cards and most American debit cards do not have chips (yet). I realize that this is an evolving security measure and by the end of 2018 this might not be a problem for International travelers. We had to ask at several banks before we found an ATM that would accept our debit cards. Of course I travel with more than one so everything worked out ok. This might be an annoyance for clients who are not such savvy travelers, though. Good to inform them ahead of time.

Internet - I travel with the Roam feature on my iPad and have not had difficulty using that through Verizon in other countries such as Ecuador. In Guatemala, however, the local internet provider somehow takes a share of this by charging the user per minute in addition to my pre-paid access through my local carrier (Verizon). This resulted in huge charges unknown to me that Verizon did contact me about and everything is ok now but in all the research I did before the trip, there was no mention of this in any guidebooks nor tourism sites. I'd recommend that clients check with their ISP before they travel to see if the Roam feature would be adequate. Doesn't hurt to be proactive if planning to use cell or iPad internet connections outside of the hotel.

Day trip to Copan - the brochures cautioned that the trip would be long and tiring. I did not find that to be so. Overall it was a pleasant and informative day. The guide stopped halfway there and back for a rest stop and the ride was comfortable - better roads than were available to Chichicastenango! The only recommendation that I would have is to begin the day at 5:15am instead of 5:00am if guests are staying at Barceló. The reason for this is we got the "box breakfast" and it was not very good (dry bread, fruit not fresh, very starchy meal, no coffee). The Barceló buffet opens at 6:00am but there is a lovely buffet continental breakfast that is open at 5:00am - guests would be MUCH happier with the continental breakfast before departure on the day trip as the "box breakfast" is a poor substitute. Since the tour left at 5:00am we did not have any choice but the "box" breakfast so 15 minutes would have made a big difference. I don't know if Clark Tours would be amenable to this suggestion, but it would be a wise accommodation for Barceló guests in my opinion.
I look forward to other itineraries in the future. Thanks again for arranging this so well.



July 14 2014 - Costa Rica Med Magic - Patti

From: Patti
Subject: very impressed with your services
Good afternoon Joe:
I recently attended your Medical Fam and was very impressed with your services.
Kind regards,


April 12 2014 - Jordan Fam Trip was fantastic - Nada


From: Nada
Sent: Monday, April 28, 2014 11:22 AM
To: Joe Nazi
Subject: RE: Feedback for April 12-20,2014 - Jordan FAM

Dear Joe,

Jordan Fam Trip was fantastic.  

From the first moment of landing to Amman  airport, I was pleasantly surprised.

New, modern, clean

Your Representative company did a great job from the first moment of greeting me at the airport,

transfer from airport in Amman to hotel Toledo.

Mohamed, my driver was very professional and he gave me a brief information of Amman , weather,

hotel tour etc in perfectly spoken English language.

No wait time at hotel lobby. I was greeted there by another Discovery Circle representative, who gave

me his business card in case I need any help at any time.

He also explained where hotel is located, how and where I can go for a walk ,dinner etc.

Hotel staff booked me in a king size bed, and when they realized, my companion is another girl, they

changed room to a 2 double beds.

They served fresh squeezed juice while I was waiting for my key.

Everything was so smooth and easy  , with warm welcome.

Tour started on Monday. From day 1-to the end of our trip I can say only WOW.

We were probably very lucky to have such a knowledgeable, educated, young professional Tour Guide ( Suhaib )

I did a lot of Fam Trips, but this one  was the most professional and educational Fam trip ever.

I can compliment all:  Driver – who was very professional, time we were spending each day at each site-was

measured to the perfection.

Driver and Tour Guide were always on time, our Tour Guide with perfect English , lot of history information,

sense of humor, friendliness, patient ….

Enough time for taking pictures, enough time for breaks, shopping , food , bathrooms etc.

Suhaib –our Tour Guide , represented Jordan, his own country  in the most beautiful way  with lot of  love

and  passion.

Great JOB ..Excellent service, beautiful country.

We all learned a lot.

We were escorted to the airport on a last day, again, great service all the way to the check in area.

Our escort show us where is Royal Jordanian area and wished us a pleasant trip.

Both hotels in Amman and Petra were very good.

Breakfast was great. A lot of choices.

WIFI was available  in a lobby of both hotels

All in all-very good trip. Will highly recommend to other people.

We put some pictures on a Face Book and was already asked questions about Tour Companies.

I can highly recommend Sunny Land Tours INC.

Thank you so much for having me on a Fam Trip.

Kind regards




From: Saric
Sent: Monday, April 28, 2014 1:25 PM
To: Joe Nazi
Cc: Nada
Subject: RE: Feedback for April 12-20,2014 - Jordan FAM

Hi Joe,
We had an amazing trip, so glad we did it!
Jordan is a beautiful country and we saw just a bit of it, but everything we saw was wonderful.
We were lucky to have a fabulous guide too, he was so well educated, highly professional, attentive to the group needs!
I am sure that Nada's impressions are as positive as mine and we will cherish this journey for a long time!
Thank you for organising it!
Best wishes


Dubai FAM Trip Nov 2013

I returned Monday night and I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you all for your efforts to make our trip memorable. We certainly squeezed a lot into a short amount of time! We were lucky enough to get upgraded on the Emirates flight to Dubai which was fantastic...

The weather was perfect so it was really a great time to go...

I especially wanted to let you know how helpful Stacey was. She was so understanding and patient. As you know, I was a bit apprehensive when I found it that we were going to be on our own but she made sure that all of the tours were rescheduled, per my request, and her follow-up was excellent.

So thank you all. I'm so glad that I was able to go on this fascinating trip. I was constantly amazed to realize that none of what we saw even existed a few short years ago and it looks like it's only just begun now that they will start planning for the 2020 Expo!

Kind regards,
Andrea R


Surinam Trip Nov 2013
I thoroughly enjoyed the trip to Surinam. Everything was well looked after by your representative in Surinam. The transfers went without any hiccups and Stylva at Bergendal is organized and looked after us well.  I have travelled extensively all over the world and this was a different type of trip for me. I came back totally rejuvenated.

Bobbi S


 Royal Tour of Jordan FAM October 2013

Jasmine from Sunny Land is an awesome agent to work with, friendly, polite and has good trip in Jordan our driver Jihad and our guide Suhaib were very friendly know their stuff and certainly are more educated than Lonely Planet!!!!!

They didn't treat us like tourists, they were like family to us and I would not even hesitate for a moment to send someone to Jordan - it is one of the most safest places I've been to in the 20 years I have been traveling.
Wendy S

Dubai FAM October 2013

  I wanted to thank you so very much for such a wonderful Fam. I am so excited to now have the first hand knowledge of Dubai. The UAE was an amazing country and without actually visiting the Emirates and experiencing it first hand I wouldn't be able to truly describe it to my clients. I am so excited to start selling this amazing destination. Just posting on Facebook that I was going I had so many misconceptions on what Dubai is. But now I can assure people it is one of the most safest places to visit. Plus all that there is to do. And how wonderful the people are there. Just learning their traditions and their culture was something I will never forget.

Thank you again for this wonderful experience,

Robyn W

Costa Rica FAM - Oct 06 - 12, 2013 

The trip was terrific. We got to see many of the highlights of Costa Rica and experience the local flavors. Even the weather was better than expected. For me the zip-lines and night boat tour in the mangroves were most exciting, in a good way...

Thanks again and best regards to you and our wonderful guide!




Suriname FAM September 2013

Thank you for providing us the opportunity to experience this fascinating country...

The jungle resort was exceptional in its setting, accommodations, meals, activities and friendliness of staff.  Everyone we had contact with seemed to go out of their way to be helpful. All in all, a great trip of discovery.

Thank you again for acquainting us with this most interesting country.

William H

Russia FAM

Hello -  thank you  for the opportunity to visit Russia, had an absolutely wonderful time...if you're looking for a true cultural experience it's the way to go.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity,

Costa Rica FAM

We had a great time despite the rain, the tour we had would not have been half as good if Joe (Sunny Land Fam Leader) had not been along, his knowledge of the country and all properties was amazing! He is a wonderfull host  and a pleasure to be around we will recomend all our friends to Sunny Land was a pleasure to meet Joe and spend time with him and look forward to his company in the future  thanks a million to joe and your company for the service you provided... this trip will provide us with all the information to send many clients to you for travel and care...

Many thanks to Joe and Sunny Land Tours.
Gary S

Curacao FAM

Just a quick note to thank you for the wonderful FAM trip to Curacao!  It was wonderful and very informative!  We had a great time and were able to cover a lot of the area and visit several of the hotels.  I have already mentioned this to several clients as a possible vacation site for them in the near future.

The Plaza Hotel will one day be a  wonderful place to stay...they have a great staff and a potential gold mine to work with!

Best wishes,

Carol B

Costa Rica FAM

El Establo
The hotel was awesome.  Loved the room with the loft.  The views were incredible and the food was good. 
Even though we were there for two days, the service was excellent.  We really enjoy  the entertainment during dinner
    ( The musician that they had).  The location of the hotel was excellent as well we were able to get to town in a few minutes.

The hotel was excellent. It really gives you the chance to experience nature at it's best.  Loved the natural pool, the grounds very well kept. 
The room was great even with no air conditioner it was nice, ceiling fan work fine.  The staff was really nice buffet it was always delicious and it was fresh.  This is the perfect place for the right clientele.  


The ground transportation was great.

Staff was able to resolve the issued promptly.  Raul was an excellent guide I loved him!

You were really accommodating and went above and beyond to make sure everyone had a great time. 

This was one of the best fam trips that I have been and I would definitely recommend it.

Thank you!!


Costa Rica FAM

Costa Rica was beautiful! We loved the scenery. We had a great experience at the Skytrek, very fun! The Hot Springs were very warm, a lovely resort and tour – I would definitely recommend to clients. The drivers were fabulous – very polite, on-time, clean vans  and got us everywhere safely.

The Chachaugua Hotel was very nice. We had an excellent lunch and a little walk on the trails. This is a very interesting hotel, I wish it had air conditioning in the bungalows and I would stay there for sure. The right clients would really appreciate that property...I really liked the Hilton Papagayo that was a great hotel too.

The tour was very helpful for me to understand Costa Rica. I wish I could have seen the other areas too because every area seems so different. I guess I will have to come back! Thank you for having us!


Costa Rica FAM
Good Afternoon Joe,

Once again I would like to thank you for organizing a great FAM!  As you know, I have been in the industry for 17 years and over the years had an opportunity to take part in many FAMs. I definitely do have a frame of reference. In my opinion, everything was organized very well, accommodations were of high standard, guides were good and sights/attractions/hotels were of true professional interest. I would not hesitate to recommend such a FAM to any travel agent and such a trip to any client.

After this trip I feel I can sell Costa Rica with much more confidence. I have also developed a trust in Sunny Land Tours' in general, and your's in particular ability to deliver a great travel experience.


Max R

Costa Rica FAM

I found the FAM trip to Costa Rica with Sunny Land Tours very informative as I had not been to Costa Rica before.

Hugo was a very good guide to have with us. He told us much about the country and different animals and plants, etc.
The bus drivers were both very good going through the rough terrain. All in all it was a great FAM trip.

We got to nice regions and resorts. The zip-lining was a lot of fun and a nice surprise, and
Tabacon Springs was very enjoyable. I'm glad I got to see everything that we did. ... I woke up in the middle of the night and heard all the sounds of nature
(AND felt like I was right outside with them)
 Thank you.
Shari S


Costa Rica FAM

Gold stars for:

·      Small size of the group -- very flexible

·      Excellent choice of accommodations

·      Food was delicious – I liked everything I tried

·      Our guide from Jacamar, Raul, was superb – very intelligent and well informed, good personality, terrific at spotting wildlife, patient with the group, and most of all, so willing to be flexible and to offer us more opportunities than were scheduled

·      Both bus drivers were skillful and pleasant

·      The pace was relaxed, but every day was full

·      There were alternative options for folks who didn’t wish to participate in an event [like Sandi not going on the zip-line!]

·      There never was a time when we were too long on the bus without stopping

·      I was impressed by the neatness and cleanliness of the countryside

·      Joe was aware that some of the guests wanted to shop, so he arranged for that in conjunction with the rest stops

·      There were some instances when we needed help with toting heavy luggage to or from the bus – Joe, Raul, and others pitched in

·      It was useful to experience the roads so I can tell future visitors not to drive to Monteverde at night or in the rain [better yet, have someone else drive you], to leave extra time to get to the airport due to possible mud slides, road repairs, mechanical breakdowns, etc

·      My rooms at El Establo and Chachagua were spacious and very, very nice – both had lots of interesting nature [and nature sounds] right outside the door

·      The trip to Tabacon Hot Springs and Arenal was a highlight of the trip – the pools were delightful, the “Adults Only” garden area at the top was sublime, and dinner was tasty and plentiful

·      On future trips, you might think about giving a bit more time to shop in La Fortuna – the prices were very good, and there was a lot of variety – I was torn between taking photos and stocking up on goodies for the folks at home


Costa Rica FAM

Wanted to thank you for a great fam trip to Costa Rica last week. The hotels were fabulous and the activities so much fun. I'm glad that I got the opportunity to learn about Costa Rica for my clients and thank you and Sunny Land Tours for the opportunity.  In addition to the trip being very educational,

I really had quite a good time.


Irene L

Costa Rica FAM

Thank you so much for a wonderful, well-organized fam trip. The accommodations were excellent as were the tours and guides. I learned a great deal about this fabulous destination as well as about Sunny Land Tours and will certainly book with you in the future.

We did not have any delay leaving San Jose due to the departure of President Obama but we were thrilled to see Airforce One as it was taking off.

Thanks again for a great experience in Costa Rica.

Jan C.

Jordan FAM

The trip was great.  Our guide was very good, and the itinerary was excellent.  Thanks for all your help.  I especially enjoyed Petra.  This was our second trip to Petra, and we were there for 9 hours.  I especially enjoyed the climb up to the Monastery.      


Jordan FAM

Bonnie and I had a wonderful time in Jordan.  Suhaib was an excellent guide and our various drivers did a great job as well.  I can't remember a trip when the guide was always waiting in the lobby for us.  Suhaib was always ready before we were and everything seemed to run right on schedule.  He was extremely well-informed and patient if we needed to have information repeated.  He accommodated all of our requests and we felt he did an excellent job!  I would definitely be happy to have him take care of any clients we might send to Jordan.

Jordan is a very interesting country and I was so happy to finally have the opportunity to see it for myself.  While all of our tours were interesting, Petra  was obviously the highlight.  We also enjoyed our day tour of Bethany.  Every day in Jordan was a wonderful experience!

Our hotels were well located and we especially were impressed with the staff at the Toledo Hotel as we spent much of our time there.  Everyone was extremely friendly, kind and most helpful.  The Petra Palace, however, was also quite satisfactory.  While some travelers may choose to pay a higher cost for their trip and stay in 4 or 5 star hotels, it's nice to know you have a wide range to choose from.

I want to thank you and the employees of your company for offering us such a nice experience.  Your company did an excellent job and we felt comfortable and safe throughout our stay.


Julie D.

Suriname FAM

Suriname is an awesome destination for the culturally evolved and for the Eco-minded traveler. But I also see it as an interesting place, for people who like to gamble and fish... Bergendal is a place that I will definitely be sending people to. Great staff and lodging. A bit limited on the food, but very good. Drinks were reasonable, and the activities and their staff were great!

The Hotel Krasnapolsky was very nice, right in the middle of everything. The staff was very accomodating, and the breakfast good. I believe it is good place to go, before going to the lodge for a couple of days, but leave from the lodge. The town(and country) history is amazing, and I loved all the different cultures. Chinatown had a festival going on, representing groups from all over South America for the holidays.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to experience this wonderful place, and I look forward to sending business there.

Sincerely, Katie S

Costa Rica FAM

Thank you so much for being such a great Costa Rica FAM host.

Your organizational skills were appreciated...
All the activities and accommodations were excellent, but next time would love to stay at Tabacon…….ha ha! Our guide and driver where absolutely wonderful! With such poor road conditions I believe we were blessed to have that driver!

The group of Agents on this trip was the best I’ve experienced in the 30 yrs I’ve been in this business.

It was an awesome group just the same!

Thanks again, and look forward to doing business with you in the future.


Costa Rica FAM

We both of us travel consultants and certified by IATA would like to express our sincere thanks for having the opportunity to participated in the Costa Rica FAM

Even though we have a scare moment with the earthquake, the trip was beautiful, very informational.

Joe, your knowledge about Costa Rica and the way to interact with all of the travel agents and families were fantastic. Your consideration and flexibility are very commendable.

Thanks very much to you and to Sunny Land for give us this opportunity to had participated in this FAM

We had an incredible experience and we are eager to promote to our clients to visit this enchanted country that Costa Rica is .


Beatriz and Marco

Costa Rica FAM

I just want to say thanks for everything, we learned a lot about Costa Rica, everything was great.

All the people in the group were nice... The best area for me was the Arenal, I found that place really interesting and beautiful hotels like the Mountain Paradise Hotel with reasonable prices and romantic place, with a lot of activities that clients can enjoy.

My husband preferred the Monteverde Area, for the hotel El Establo and the weathe

Again thanks a lot.


Lucero D

Costa Rica FAM

Such a wonderful trip. It is rare for everything and everybody to work so well together. Joe, Hugo and the driver were a great team, the hotels were so nice, the activities well arranged.

Thinking the zip-lining would be the most exciting part of the tour, you went a step farther and added an earthquake. Very original, and thanks for leaving out the tsunami.

I learned much and will gladly pass it all on to my clients.

Warmest regards and thanks,

Karen A.

Costa Rica FAM

Thanks so much for the educational trip in Costa Rica.

I learned about the country, people, properties and food, I feel I can honestly book any client to Costa Rica knowing this is where he or she want to be, again Joe is a great Tour Guide, we as Agent's
need all travel guides like him, also thanks for the communication for the travel agents on the FAM.


Costa Rica FAM

Excellent and timely pre information prior to travel

Good communication pre and during the tour

Excellent bus driver and guide, enjoyed Victor Hugo and his smile.

Hugo was very nice and had knowledge about all areas ,weather, economy, and major commodities in all three regions of our tour.

Nice choice of hotels offering a variety...

All in all it was an excellent experience and I would encourage any agent who has not taken this Fam to do so given the opportunity.

Thanks Joe for an informative experience.


Costa Rica FAM
The FAM was an excellent way to get to know beautiful Costa Rica.

We were able to see the cloud forest, the Pacific Ocean and the Arenal Volcano. It was an active week and well worth it. Everyone I tell about the trip wants to go.

Joe was an excellent chaperone. Joe, along with having Hugo along as a naturalist gave us much more knowledge about the destinations, the properties, the attractions, the culture, along with learning about the flora and fauna.

Excellent trip!!

Ben M.

Costa Rica FAM
I am still telling everyone about the fabulous trip I had with you! Everything was so very well planned even the bus rides were fun. I look forward to sending client’s to Costa Rica with Sunnyland!

Thank you for a great trip.

Corinne F.

Costa Rica FAM
Costa Rica Fam
We certainly learned a lot about Costa Rica...the highlights were the Tabacon Hot Springs and the SKY TREK Zip Line activity. The Mountain Paradise hotel stood out for the unique rooms and one of the best meals we had in Costa Rica. Of course the breakfasts at the Intercontinental and Tabacon were great. I think the FAM trip was well planned.


Costa Rica Agent FAM Amazing trip
Thank you for an amazing trip. I feel so fortunate that I was able to go on this and I had a wonderful time. I thought that all of the hotels were wonderful – especially the Tabacon. I’m glad we were there 2 nights and got to experience the hot springs – what a treat! I loved seeing the Mountain Paradise Hotel as well as the Chachagua Resort.


Costa Rica Agent FAM "Pura Vida"

All in all we had a good time in Costa Rica. Met some good friends and saw a beautiful country. I loved the fact that the country was so green and eco friendly. As they say in Costa Rica "Pura Vida".


Costa Rica Agent FAM

Love the sounds of nature I had a wonderful time ---- very informative --- so very unique --- enjoyed all the different hotels also --- The food everywhere was very good -- actually, i was surprised at how good the food was at the Riu ( especially the buffet ) - The zip line was quite scary for me..... but, glad i experienced it..... I really liked Chachagua and the accommodations there... if you really want to connect with nature, this is the place.... I loved the sounds of nature... Thoroughly enjoyed the El Establo.... beautiful grounds .... best coffee i have ever had..... Really appreciated the stop at the road-side vendors ..... good prices and good variety... The hotel with the views or Arenal was very pretty.... Tabacon Springs was wonderful..... a great lunch.... and, the whole area was incredible.... Oh, and the young man playing guitar at El Establo dinner was incredible...... Music is my life... actually, before travel..... I really enjoyed the agents on this trip ---


Costa Rica Agent FAM

I can’t even explain how exciting this trip was for me. With this FAM being my first, I will have some disappointing ones in the future by comparison. I appreciate the time you took with educating us on the different resorts/hotels in the multiple areas we visited. Which is very helpful when dealing with many different clientele we have at our agency. Guides were wonderful... Wealth of knowledge! Very hospitable. The Arenal Volcano area was by far my favorite part of the FAM, the Tabacon Grand Thermal Spa & Resort was beautiful and amazing stay. The hot springs was such a natural beautiful area to spend a day. I would recommend this resort to any of my clients. The Sky Trek Sky Tram excursion was so much fun! It was probably one of the coolest things I have ever done. At least in my top 5. Another recommendation for my clients. The RIU Guanacaste was a typical all inclusive resort. The resorts were lovely and enjoyed the free time we had. I look forward to recommending a trip just like this to my clients.


Costa Rica Agent FAM
Great Tour of Costa Rica Thanks again for the great tour of Costa Rica . We loved every minute and have no complaints at all. Everything was great! I will be on the lookout for more Costa Rica Fams to see more of the country. I also appreciate Sunny Land Tours allowing guests to come along. That really makes the FAM more special. This way family and or friends are able to experience what we sell and recommend to our clients. Thanks again for everything!


Costa Rica Agent FAM

Monteverde Cloud Forest - spectacular Overall this was a good fam, especially because the agents got along so well. Everyone was so cooperative. Things I liked the most: 1) Monteverde Cloud Forest and the Hotel--spectacular and great scenery. 2) Tabacon springs 3) Barcelo Palacio--very nice hotel except they did not pick us up at airport. Thanks Linda Costa Rica Agent FAM Tabacon was outstanding I loved the fam and thought our guide was the best with all his knowledge. I loved the Riu, Monteverde and Tabacon Springs. Tabacon was outstanding in every way. I am determined to send a client there. That was my favorite of all. Overall I would recommend this to everyone, it was a great mix of different areas and I am glad I saw them all. Thanks for the opportunity.


Costa Rica Agent FAM

Loved the country and all the places. I enjoyed the trip tremendously. I loved the country and all the places. Wish we had more time to see San Jose.


Costa Rica Agent FAM Pura Vida!
Thanks for this great travel agent trip! I love Costa Rica and selling it. I really liked visiting so many properties. It gave me real insight to help clients with their choices based on their needs and preferences. The Real Intercontinental had a great breakfast and rooms were very nice. The Sky Trek was awesome and I will recommend it. I enjoyed visiting the Chachagua Rainforest Hotel on the way to La Fortuna. This was a nice property for those who love to be remote. I also liked the Mountain Paradise Resort in La Fortuna and the meal was great. The Tabacon thermal hot springs is not to be missed. Sky Trek, driver and guide were outstanding. Edgar was able to teach us so much about his country. I highly recommend them. Hope to schedule some clients with Sunny Land in the near future. Pura Vida!


Costa Rica Agent FAM
Loved, loved, loved the Tabacon.

We had a wonderful time on the trip. The overnight at The Real Hotel worked out very well and allowed everyone to rest before going onward to Arenal. The hotel was very nice and the breakfast was excellent. I wish we had gotten there earlier in the day to enjoy the pool and check out the shopping. I enjoyed the tour of downtown San Jose. I would have liked a little time to explore the marketplace. All the stops we made in route for a leg stretch and bathroom break were good. Loved, loved, loved the Tabacon. Was wonderful to see such a lovely 5 star property and enjoy the minerals pools right outside our door. Their spa treatments, although very pricey by Costa Rican standards, was unparalleled. The natural setting and oils they use were wonderful and I know I have high end clients who would definitely enjoy their stay there. Dinner at Mountain Paradise was very nice, and it was excellent to see a smaller more reasonably priced hotel in the area. Their dinner was very tasty. The Sky Tram was a highlight of the trip. Everyone who participated enjoyed themselves immensely and I think it brought the group together too. Their personnel were first class and made everyone feel at ease. ... I was glad we did the Buena Vista tour, it was a fun adventure. It was wonderful getting to know everyone on the tour.


Costa Rica Agent FAM
A great overview of Costa Rica
It was a great overview of Costa Rica ...we want to come back and explore other areas and send more clients! The Intercontinental Hotel was very nice and the breakfast was a great start. I wish I would have added on one more night at San Jose to enjoy the property and area a little more. I would have enjoyed going to the local market. The drive to Tabacon was amazing and the stop and lunch in Chachagua was great. We enjoyed Tabacon and thermal mineral pools very much. I felt lucky to get such a great view of the volcano! The area was amazing and the Sky Trek was a highlight! It was a great group activity and the staff was so nice and helpful – really made you feel at ease. The drive to the Riu was also beautiful – it was nice to see the countryside and diversity of the landscape in each area. Riu was fun...3 nights was fine because I was ready to relax a bit... we definitely had fun! Thanks for all your hard work too – it was a great trip!


Costa Rica FAM May 2012

This was an excellent FAM and very helpful in learning Costa Rica. We have taken the Costa Rica Specialist program but the only way to truly learn this country is to experience it and with the two FAMS I have taken with SunnyLand I am comfortable in knowing the best way for my clients to experience Costa Rica.

Joe is extremeley knowledgable about properties and which are good and which to avoid and also about the Costa Rican countries. The tour guide we had, Hugo, was also outstanding and the drivers for Jacamar were excellent, taking good care of their passengers on the roads.

I would love to experience a FAM to other parts of Costa Rica, perhaps to the Poas Volcano and Tortugeros to see the Caribbean side a little more.
Helen Prochilo so bring plenty of cash or Mastercard.

Helen P

Suriname FAM March 2012

The trip to Suriname was really great. The quality of the accommodations and meals exceeded my expectations, the staff and guides were helpful and friendly, and the tours were right on target.

Beautiful vistas. I'll highly recommend.

Two items you might want to point out to customers:
1. The gratituity at Bergendal must be paid in cash on arrival - is not added to bill.
2. Outside of Hotel Krasnapolsky, very few places accept VISA (including Bergendal! )
so bring plenty of cash or Mastercard.

Pat P

Suriname FAM March 2012

Our trip to Suriname was a pleasant surprise. We welcome the chance to visit new countries so that we can sell the trips to our customers. It helps us sell tours better when we tell them that we have been there and what to expect from the trip. We arrived in Suriname with rain greeting us. Our guide from said that it is most unusual to have rain lingering because that was their "dry" season. Anyway, that did not deter us from exploring Paramaribo.

Our stay in Bergendal was great! The President of Suriname was entertaining the President of an African country and they were staying in the resort too. Security was tight. The friendliness and helpfulness of the staff and the rest of the resort personnel in Bergendal cannot be emphasized enough.

They were willing to go out of their way to make the guests feel "at home." Kudos to all he staff members. The beauty of the place is a "slice of paradise" On our last day, we were given the most glorious weather to savor, after two days of heavy rain the previous days. ...

Thank you for giving us a chance to take the FAM trip. We will do it again, but would like to just stay in Bergendal longer.

Best regards, Gloria

Panama FAM Dec 2011

We got a great deal, would do it all over again and highly recommend it!

Thank You Sunnyland for the Fam and all that you do!

Costa Rica FAM of Dec 03 - 08,2011

I am so happy that I went. I felt so lucky with the weather. I was expecting rain every day.

Chachagua was a real treat. I have some clients who are inclined toward eco friendly settings. That would be perfect.

The staff at Arenal Parasio were very helpful and friendly and so were they at the Riu.

I really enjoyed Costa Rica. Thank you.

Sincerely, Pauline B.

Exotic Suriname & Amazon Rainforest Nov 07 - 13, 2011

We had a fantastic time in Suriname.

It was very informative to see the "new" travel destination.

Suriname is a tourism developing country that will certainly become a popular destination in the near future. I feel that the country has great potential. The capital is a beautiful spot with their waterfront of old homes.

...the Suriname people were very friendly and happy to have tourists in their country... Bergendal is a a great place to send clients. The prices are very good and the potential is huge.

I feel very fortunate to have been in the first group of travel agents to explore Suriname and look forward to promoting it to my clients.

Denise W.

Exotic Suriname & Amazon Rainforest Nov 07 - 13, 2011

..thank you profusely for an excellent week. The resort experience in Suriname was a once in a lifetime..

We truly hope that this eye-opener destination will be a most successful... we shall try and spread the word!

With renewed thanks, best wishes and kindest regards, Vivien and Leon

Essence of Costa Rica Familiarization Nov 01 - 08, 2011

The Fam was amazing !...

It was our first time in Costa Rica and what we saw and where we stayed was just wonderful.

Our bus driver, Bernardo, was the best. For him to drive so carefully and also spot animals and stop for us to see was a plus on him...
Our guide,Hugo, was also kind to take pictures thru his an awesome picture of a monkey...

Arenal Springs Hotel... we absolutely loved this hotel and the entire area

Thanks for everything..... Irene and Rich

Essence of Costa Rica Familiarization Nov 01 - 08, 2011

You did a wonderful job as the guide...

- Wish the Westin was more functioning then it was, but glad we got to see the remodeled rooms. Resort was beautiful and would recommend to people..we most appreciated the times they would stop to show us the wild life there.

-We over-all loved Costa Rica and have told lots of people our recommendation in visiting there.

-Very glad we went to Arenal Springs over the Chachagua Hotel. Most glad we got to visit, hike & have lunch there though. Best rice pudding I have ever had in Chachagua & wonderful sea bass.

-We felt in good hands the whole time. -Really liked the number of people on the fam. Felt if you had much more it would be too much.

-Liked the little stops - Angeles for the cheese and the Canas church and La Fortuna.

-Would definetly recommend Sunnyland to agents and clients

Great job! Rob & DeAnn

Essence of Costa Rica Familiarization Nov 01 - 08, 2011

The eight days went by so fast and now the whole experience remains a wonderful dream...

We learned a lot and are grateful to have had this opportunity. Costa Rica is such a beautiful country. ...all the wonderful choices of fruits and juices, especially at the Westin. This was our favorite place for all the meals. We felt so spoiled.

All in all, the hotels were good...enjoyed staying at the Arenal Springs Hote.... So much charm!

Thank you for arranging to visit the "Hidden Canopy Treehouses". Such hospitality!... We loved this very special hotel.

We are also grateful that you arranged a visit to Chachagua. It was different from what we expected to see, better. The lunch was delicious.

The Mountain Paradise Hotel in Arenal was also lovely.

Joe, thank you for all your time and effort. We think that our group was wonderful.

This is rare and special. Everyone was interested to learn more about Costa Rica and we believe that there is a lot more to explore. Can we come for a reunion soon?

We really appreciated the later starts after a nice breakfast. This added to the enjoyment of the trip.

Thank you again, Joe.

Kind regards from Christa and Dave

Essence of Costa Rica Familiarization Nov 01 - 08, 2011

Nature paints a colorful Masterpiece to save and enjoy... that we did ... met lots of great people and saw the nature and the rainforest of Costa Rica ... thanks for your time and engery for the group...

Best regards.

Veronica & Price

Essence of Costa Rica Fam - Nov. 2011

Dear Joe,

The essence of Costa Rica Fam was a "Big Success". It was well organized but yet flexible when needed...

It was so beneficial to have the opportunity to see so much of Costa Rica...I can sell it to my clients with confidence...

We enjoyed each hotel in their own individual way.

The Westin will be a wonderful property when the conversion is finished. The staff could not be more attentive to our needs. Our favorite area and hotel was Arenal Springs. This is the area and hotel we hope to go back to someday.

Joe, you were wonderful and we greatly appreciate all you did to me our Costa Rica trip so special.


Sharon and J.E. A

Costa Rica FAM - Sep 20 - 26,2011

Excellent itinerary for discovering the natural wonders of Costa Rica!

Chachagua was my favorite experience. It truly allows you to get away and reconnect with nature in an educational and enjoyable way! Learning about the rainforest, eating authentic Costa Rican cuisine and staying in a bungalow amidst the wildlife... totally understand why this place is listed on the "1,000 Places You Must See Before You Die!" Recommendation.

Thanks again for the wonderful FAM trip! ~A

Costa Rica FAM - Sep 20 - 26,2011

I could not have been more pleased. I have fallen in love with a new destination, Costa Rica. I am so pleased we had the opportunity to see two different types of vacation options for this lovely country.

I plan to make this one of my newest destinations booking group travel as well as individual travel. In fact, I am ready to pick a date and plan my first group trip with Sunny Land Tours...

Our accomodations were perfect...

Thanks again for a wonderful trip. L.H

Costa Rica FAM - Sep 20 - 26,2011

We have a marvelous trip to Costa Rica, Wonderful experience at Chachagua Lodge to see rainforest and Tamarindo Diria Hotel to enjoy the Tours to Tabacon Hotel Spring a must and excellent!

It is such a life time experience to see the turtle laying eggs on the beach!

Thank you for Sunnyland Tour to arrange the trip to travel agents , will definitely recommend to my clients...

Ann L.

Costa Rica FAM - Sep 20 - 26,2011

I really enjoyed the trip was very well constructed - plenty of things to do, but sufficient down time to relax.

I would highly recommend the Paraiso, Arenal - although the Tabacon was also lovely...

I loved the bungalow we had in Chachagua...

Definitely would recommend the Tamarindo Diria - perfect locatio...
Good food, lovely pool and great beach.

All in all it was a great trip - thank you for hosting us...

Kind regards,

Susie C

Costa Rica FAM - Sep 20 - 26,2011

Hello Joe, and thank you a wonderful Fam.
I will grade it to be 9/10 experience.

You were a wonderful host from the beginning to the end and we all felt very welcomed and well taken care of.

I will look forward to promote Costa Rica and definitely recommend Sunny Land Tours as my booking tour company... R.N.

Panama Fam

Panama is indeed a very special place... It was a great opportunity for us .
Panama is completely different and a definite destination to be explored.

It is truly a land of great diversity.

We had the opportunity to chat with a group of ex-pats... all and all they love every day in their new land and can't say enough nice things about the Republic of Panama!

Once again I appreciate the opportunity to explore new horizons and now to share that knowledge with clients and friends...

We absolutely loved the trip and thank you very much for all the extras you did to make the trip so very special! I look forward to working with Sunnyland Tours in the future.

A big thank you from both of us! Warmest Regards, P. B

Panama Fam

The FAM trip was absolutely wonderful and we really enjoyed learning about Panama and the history. The hotel selections were excellent...

All tour arrangements were exciting and informative...

The local tour guide was excellent and very knowledgeable...

Thanks again and we look forward to telling our clients about this exciting country and all the things to see and do there. B.N. and D. L.

Costa Rica Familiarization Trip - Aug 31 - Sep 06,2011

The fam trip overall was very impressive. I enjoyed Manuel Antonio area best. I think overall for older less active adults this area was great, also arenal volcano area.

I will tell my clients it is a great choice for vacation but some locations they need to know is hard for someone with breathing or orthopedic problems. Of course I did it after having back surgery 5 months before...Judy R.

Costa Rica Familiarization Trip - Aug 31 - Sep 06,2011


Costa Rica Familiarization Trip - Aug 31 - Sep 06,2011
Hi Joe,

The trip was really a wonderful adventure. The guides and driver were excellent, and the itinerary was extremely interesting.
I also would like to say "Thank you" for all your efforts to put this wonderful FAM together.

Thanks again,

Irina C.

Costa Rica Familiarization Trip - Aug 31 - Sep 06,2011

Hi Joe,

...I truly enjoyed my time and am greatly informed on costa rica.

The tours, food, hotels, you, and the tour guides were excellent!

What a fantastic week!

Brian L

Costa Rica Familiarization Trip - Aug 31 - Sep 06,2011

I have nothing but positive things to say about the experience.

... the choice of hotels and locations was excellent -- these are all great properties and I have no problem enthusiastically recommending them all to my clients.
... the tours (hikes, Chachagua, etc) gave me a clear sense of
(a) the variety of beautiful activities and locations available
(b) the level of physical capability needed for the different hikes (very important!) and
(c) the quality of the tour guides available

I think the way Sunnyland divided our time at the three locations was appropriate, I appreciate that you were able to include so much for us in the way of meals and touring, and kudos again to our bus driver and to Roy, and to you for your patience and good humor!

Diane H

Bogota - Colombia Fam - Sep 02 - 05,2011
The Bogota FAM was great. Really saw and did a lot...
A nice group of people on trip.

Hope i can send some clients to Colombia. J.W.

Bogota - Colombia Fam - Sep 02 - 05,2011
Thank You, I had a wonderfull time and loved the whole group!
Please organize more trips! Thank You, Boris G.

Bogota - Colombia Fam - Sep 02 - 05,2011

I had a wonderful time!...I loved Bogota ....loved the trip. Loved the tour guide, Jose, and the drivers. They went the extra kilometer! love esta

Costa Rica Familiarization Trip - Aug 31 - Sep 06,2011

I thought it was a great trip! The hotels were wonderful.

The tour guides were all amazing and very knowledgeable...

I enjoyed the group that we had...Thank you, Stephanie

Costa Rica Familiarization Trip - Aug 31 - Sep 06,2011

Hi Joe

Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to see such a lovely country
The hotels were great, the inspected and the used!!!!! the food was excellent, variety great, the tours were good ...All in all the group was a very friendly one and we made some very good acquaintance

Thanks again for everything Mary Jo & Brian

Captivating Costa Rica FAM - June,2011.

Hi Joe,

Just want to say thanks for putting this great fam together---and for putting up with all of us. I had a great time, one of the best fams I have been on... Costa Rica is a beautiful and interesting country. I think clients who are active and want adventures would truly enjoy Costa Rica.

As far as suggestions, the only one I have is this, I would have liked to spend one more day at Chachagua to see a little more of the surrounding area and check out the local activities. I really enjoyed staying at that property, it was charming and very well maintained, also very refreshing and relaxing.

Thank you again, Joe.

I had a great experience with your company, and have many great memories of this fam trip.

Jan J

Costa Rica FAM - June,2011.

Hi Fernan,
I want to tell you how much I enjoyed my recent trip to Costa Rica. I really appreciate the opportunity Sunny Land Tours presented with such a unique fam...

I am trying to figure out a way to get back to your wonderful country and I will do so, just don’t know when. Again Thank you, Sallye

Costa Rica FAM - June,2011.

Hi Fernan,
I had a wonderful time on the fam. I learned so much about Costa Rica. Now I am ready to send clients to see your beautiful country. I have only dealt with honeymooners doing the all inclusives in Guanacaste in the past. Now I feel much more knowledgeable... All of the naturalist guides were excellent. I am still amazed by their knowledge and attention to detail. Each one did an outstanding job in the Mangrove, night hikes, rainforest, etc..

Thank you so much, Brenda

Costa Rica FAM - June,2011.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to visit Costa Rica. We had a wonderful time and feel as if we not only experienced a lot, but we also learned a lot. Your country is extraordinarily beautiful and has so much to offer...

I loved all tours. They were diverse, fun and educational. The only thing I would change would be to make them longer. I didn't want any of them to end !!

Thanks, Cindy

Costa Rica FAM - June,2011.

Manuel Antonio park was great. The boat tour was very interesting..The people of Costa Rica are indeed special. It was a fabulous experience and I feel way more compfortable selling the country...

Thanks, Tanya.

Costa Rica FAM - June,2011.
Hello Fernan,

We all really enjoyed the Costa Rica FAM. I thought the hotel selection, the tours and the guides were all first class. We were all very happy with the job you did as the tour conductor. For me, friendliness is the biggest factor and you mingled well with the entire group. You were always more than accommodating whenever anyone needed something. Thanks for doing a great job.

Thanks, Joe.

Costa Rica FAM - June,2011.
Hi Fernan,

We certainly want to thank Sunnyland Tours for our recent fam trip to Costa Rica.
We had been there several years ago, but this trip opened our eyes to an entirely new experience in that beautiful country...

Phil & Harriet M

Costa Rica FAM - June,2011.
Hi Fernan,

Thank you so much for a wonderful trip! I was very impressed with Costa Rica-it is a complete destination with something for everyone. The country is magnificiant with so much natural beauty and the variety of animals, plants & birds was overwhelming. The people were extremely friendly and the guides were the best I have ever encountered...

We had a really nice group of travel agents & guests overal... The price was unbelievable.

Again, thank you so much! I have traveled independently for years now and this was my first fam in a long time and it was thoroughly enjoyable!

Wendy L.

Costa Rica FAM - April 26 - May 02,2011.
Hi Joe,

Let me say how nice it was to meet you and for all the help and organization that you offered us during
our wonderful tour through Sunny Land to Costa Rica.
The organization was excellent and the guides that were hired to take us to the forests and outings were great and so knowledgeable. The bus driver and Adrian were superb and made the trip even more enjoyable...
All in all it was a wonderful experience, meeting terrific people and exploring a beautiful country which is so unspoilt.

Thank you again for everything and look forward to going back to Costa Rica with Sunny Land.

Costa Rica FAM - April 26 - May 02,2011.
Hi Joe,

I enjoyed the trip very much!

For us it was great opportunity to see and experience Costa Rica because we had not been there previously.

I personally cannot wait to return and see the rest of the country and perhaps get some beach time!!

I look forward to future opportunities with Sunnyland Tours!


Costa Rica FAM - April 26 - May 02,2011.
Joe the trip was very informative, I can call it magical, great experience, one property was better than the other, the clean air the healthy food and its presentation, the smiley faces of the native people, the history, the clean ocean, the great lesson of sustainable efforts. What can I say about the rain forest, the volcano, the Yacca and papaya plantations, the sugar cane process, the dreamy waterfalls. Loved the Mannuel Antonio National park, the tropical birds, the white faced monkeys, even the gorgeous butterflies. It was a week living in a dream.

Jim and I already started to promote this wonderful one of the kind trip. Our group was real nice and all gotten together wonderfully.

We both like to thank you for the opportunity to live an excellent week in Costa Rica. The guides were well informed and helpful, the driver very helpful and careful, and your organization was impeccable.

Your company is very lucky to have you. You are a great asset to them.
Thank you again, Helen and Jim

Costa Rica FAM - April 26 - May 02,2011.
HI Joe,
I really enjoyed the trip and learned so much. The nature guides were great. I thought the hikes etc were well done and enjoyed seeing the local culture...
The hot springs were amazing a real highlight as was the market visit.

Everything was "as advertised" so no real complaints.
Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule.
Fondly, Dotschi

Costa Rica FAM - April 26 - May 02,2011.
Hi Joe,
It was very nice to meet and travel with you. Terry and I want to travel with you again, you are the best. Let me know if Sunnyland Tours has a trip to Peru.

All the best, Debbie

Costa Rica FAM - April 26 - May 02,2011.
Hi Joe,

I thought the FAM showed us LOTS of Costa Rica, and I feel so much more informed now.


Costa Rica FAM - April 26 - May 02,2011.

Dear Joe,
The trip was a very interesting one and I am glad I took it specially with you and your company, thanks for the opportunity you and your company gave me.


Costa Rica FAM - April 26 - May 02,2011.

Dear Joe,
I want to thank you for your hard work. You made this trip a fun & enjoyable fam tour. I loved your knowledge & wisdom and I think, you made us very comfortable the entire tour.

I will need your help on my group tour. Hope to talk to you soon. Enjoy your beautiful life!
Take good care. Best wishes,

Mike M

Agent FAM trip to Israel.


Thanks for everything. Les & Jeanell.

Agent FAM trip to Israel.

Hello Yelena,

Thanks for a lovely time in Israel. We had an experience of a lifetime...Best regards Ruby

Agent FAM trip to Costa Rica.

I would say the trip was a success, and I personally had a great time! ... Had a great time and enjoyed spending time with everyone in the group. Thanks again, Russ.

Agent FAM trip to Costa Rica.

Hi Joe,

Let me start by Thanking You for doing a great job of showing us all the interesting sights to recommend to our clients. Your knowledge of Costa Rica and the things to see and do moved Costa Rica well up on my list of where to send clients!

..The guides were very helpful and knowledgeable about their country...You make a great team and a very delightful trip experience...

Thanks again for a great Fam experience!

Don J.

Agent FAM trip to Costa Rica.

Hi Joe!
Thank you for the tour!
It was really enjoyable. I loved the country! Wish to come again and bring more clients!
... Paradisus Conchal was a very nice resort!
Ilona K.

Agent FAM trip to Costa Rica.

We had a great time. Thank you for arranging the fam .
It is a great destinantion and Sargio is beyond excellent.

Thank you

Agent FAM trip to Costa Rica.

Well we had a great time and you were great , can not wait to show our clients Costa Rica using Sunny Land Tours. Monday I'm seating down with a client to do Egypt so I know that you will my go to man. Thanks for all you did...

I thank all the vendors for letting us see the propertys so when we send your clients we know what we are talking about.... wow on the guys that did the boat trips and transfers... We thank you for all that you did and can not wait to start sending clients to Costa Rica with Sunny Land Tours...You go up and above and they should be very happy to have you as a employees Tina M.

Agent FAM trip to Costa Rica.

Good Morning. The Fam Trip was excellent!

We enjoyed both destinations and Sergio is the absolute greatest. He was so extremely knowledgeable about everything as well as being so kind and helpful. My daughter Natalie had a wonderful time, and I am sure she will be telling her friends what a great place Costa Rica is for a vacation. Both of us thank you for this opportunity to see and experience the things we did, and I will surely be trying to sell your trips to any of my clients who are interested in that part of the world.

Thank you again for the wonderful trip!. Kay N.

Agent FAM trip to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica was beautiful.

Our guide Sergio had so much information and so much enthusiasm that it was mind blowing. The Chachagua Rainforest Hotel was a nice change from the typical resort environment. AC would have been nice but at the same time it gave the feel of actually being in nature.

The Arenal Volcano and Tabacon Hot Springs were great as well. I will never forget the rain forest hike we had when it started raining very hard. The RIU was exactly what I was expecting. Friendly staff, lots of drinks/food, beautiful scenery.

I took the “Buena Vista Adventure” side tour. Again, no complaints...Overall I thought the FAM had a good pace… It was not too busy of a schedule, the group kept things on time mostly. I hope to work with Sunny Land Tours in the near future.

Scotty S

Agent FAM trip to Costa Rica.

The FAM trip was simply fantastic! I was so impressed with how well it was organized, as well as the professionalism & enthusiam of Mr Joe Nazi & Serjio with Jacanar!

I have very few, if any negative things to say about the trip, other than it was too short! I would add at least a day so we could see more in the Arenal area. Tabacon was out of the world! Loved the hikes, the stops along the way, and the Riu! I have a few suggestions for the Riu but other than that, I was more than pleased!

Warm Refards, Amanda M

Agent FAM trip to Costa Rica.

The float was very nice...little rapids, I video taped it...we saw crocodiles and lizards...they walk on water and all types of birds and of course the howler was great, very enjoyable and of course Sergio made everything perfect...Thanks

Agent FAM trip to Costa Rica.

Hello Joe,

It is rather difficult to say how could the FAM trip be improved! For the most part, it was a perfect FAM. Surprisingly, in retrospect it was a pleasurable time spent in the rain forest...a wonderful first time experience staying in a cabin directly in that environment. Despite the rain storm it was just wonderful! The RIU was also great... the same can be said regarding the "Hot Springs" facility.
Again, thanks for the wonderful experience!

It was a pleasure meeting you and please stay in touch.

Angella & Edwin

Agent FAM trip to Egypt.

Hi Jasmine

Thank you for all your help and information in the planning and preparation of the trip.

Our FAM trip to Egypt was wonderful and exceeded our expectations. I am now an "expert" on Egypt which will help me sell the trip. The Sunnyland staff was reliable, professional, courteous, and always available to answer any questions.

Likewise,our tour guide Abdel, was by far the best we have had on any trip. He was most accommodating and knowledgeable and made our touring and trip so memorable! We learned so much and were awestruck seeing so many antiquities that we had only read about in books.

Each day was planned with care and precision and it would be difficult to say which were our favorite tours, as we loved seeing them all, from the pyramids, the museum, the tombs, temples, city tours etc. Likewise, our cruise down the Nile was wonderful as well. We loved the little extras that Sunnyland provided-the felucca and carriage ride were an added plus that enhanced our trip. It would be remiss not to mention the beautiful hotels we stayed in. I already have 5 couples ready to book the tour and will be presenting my slide show at many organizations and groups over the next few months.

I expect to get many of my groups to visit Egypt.

Regards, Ben S.

I attended the Sunnyland Travel Agent FAM trip Oct. 28 - Nov. 2. I wanted to write to let you know how much I enjoyed my visit to El Salvador.

It was so beautiful and the people were so warm and welcoming. I loved the Hotel Santa Leticia; it was very rustic and perfectly matched to it's lush surroundings. I also enjoyed the Royal Decameron

It was such a treat to have lunch at the coffee plantation after getting to experience the process the beans go through. The coffee tasting was very interesting and added a new appreciation for me.

I really enjoyed the visit. Cerro Verde was incredible. I loved seeing the volcanoes and hiking through the forest. Our visit to Coatepeque was wonderful. It was so lovely to sit and dine looking out over the beautiful lake while the band played for our group. As if that wasn't nice enough, we then got to take a boat ride which was a perfect ending to our time there. Of all the sights we got to see and things we got to experience; I was most impressed with our guide "Mac". He was always willing to try and accommodate our difficult group and he seemed to know everything about the country. It was also nice of him to let us ask candid questions about the people and history of El Salvador. He was really the best guide I have ever had of any group tours I have been on. I hope you recognize him as the valuable asset to your company that he is.

Thank you for such a wonderful introduction to El Salvador. I look forward to sending clients there to experience it for themselves in the future.

Thanks again. Sincerely, Amy B-

Thanks you for putting together the Costa Rica Tour for my group- everyone had a super good time and loved the beautiful country.

The itinerary and tours were excellent -- motor coaches good, our guide Victor did a very nice job for us --Sandy


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