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Testimonial List

Egypt Nov 2019
I wanted to write to you and thank you. We came back Saturday evening to New York with total delight . Specially our tour leader Mina, who went out of the way to make us comfortable 
 and went extra mile to be sure we are taken care off ... that is what clients are looking for as you know they are many many tour agencies to pick from but you 
always want to go back to the one you had good experience with. Our driver who was also great. Our tour guides were very knowledgeable as we our selves are  a little educated  on 
 the Egyptology venues and history . End of the day I believe that when you have a good experience  you want to experience it again with the same travel agency which I have done few times with you and anticipate doing it again .
 Thanks again 
Jordan Jan 2019 
Sorry for not answering earlier, it got a little busy after we came back. :)
Thank you for a fantastically excellent organized trip, everything worked exceptionally well. All the guides were very friendly, very punctual. The cars were in great condition and well maintained. The hotels were great (the Olive Tree one in Amman felt a little lower than the other three ... maybe 8/10 but partly because it was a little out of the way and not too many guests were around.) Marriott Petra and Holiday Inn Dead Sea Resort 10/10, Double Tree Aqaba 9.5/10. We forgot our adapter for American electrical devices and had a little trouble finding one (we bought one in an Aqaba electronics store). The Petra Marriott had US outlets in the room. All hotels except Olive Tree upgraded us (better view/terrace/more space) probably because it wasn't the season. I think we got lucky with the weather. Apparently, it snowed in the North one day after we went to Aqaba. Red Sea and Dead Sea were warm enough to spend some time swimming/floating. All the monuments/places were interesting and exciting to visit. The people are very friendly. It feels very safe. It was easy to exchange money, many places accepted credit cards. The guides were very knowledgeable and spoke English really well. Everything was very kid-friendly. Tell me if you need more pictures. :) .
Thanks again for organizing, please use any or all of this info for your business,
your happy customers Dina, Layth and Ralf
Subject: Israel Dec 2018

Hello Norma and Merry Christmas! ⯑ 
As you know we’ve been back home from Israel for about 2 weeks now. I’m just getting acclimated to my time zone, and getting over a cold I got while in Israel. But I wanted to thank you for arranging the trip that has forever changed my life! Everything about it was God! And we couldn’t have had a better guide. He was God ordained for our group. Thank you so much! God willing, I hope to return to Israel in the near future.

Again, thank you & Merry Christmas‼️

Subject: Re: Feedback -  Nov 19 - 27, 2018 - Morocco trip

HI Joe!

 Morocco was incredible - hard to describe in words.  Our pictures can't capture the beauty of the country.  I am so glad we got to travel to different cities.  Your itinerary was amazing!!  Our guide was fantastic.  I hope to return to the country one day.  Thanks



Subject: Re: Feedback Aug 17 - 24, 2018 - Costa Rica

Hi Joe,

As I said, we had a wonderful trip to Costa Rica.

The transportation, transfers and guides were for me the best part. They were always on time, very kind and very informative. The busses were comfortable. Both companies, Expediciones Tropicales and Desafio and Jacamar were great. The tours were well-arranged, with delicious meals and beautiful views. I appreciated that there were plenty of restroom and food stops, and everything was clean.

Secondly, the hotel accommodations were comfortable in all cases. We found the staff kind and accommodating at Barcelo and Volcano Inn, but not so much at Establo. One of the front desk personnel was extremely patronizing and rude there, and when we asked to speak to the manager, he was rude, as well. Other staff at that hotel were ok, but were noticeably less warm than those at all the other hotels. Also, while the view was spectacular and the room was nice, other parts of the Establo hotel grounds looked a bit run down.

I really liked the Volcano Inn, because it had a beautiful garden, and I liked the separate Villa with washer/dryer. The staff was extra nice and had a family feel, and the food was delicious at their restaurant.

The hotel breakfasts were great at all the hotels.

We loved all the tours. I am so glad we added on the river float - very relaxing. We saw a lot of animals. The Volcano Inn also helped us arrange a hanging bridges tour - it was wonderful and we saw, again, many animals. These, in addition to the Doka coffee farm were my favorite tours.

My family liked the La Paz waterfalls best. The girls enjoyed the zip lining, and we all loved the Tabacon Springs.

Monte Verde was our favorite place, and we were glad we stayed more days there. They had plenty of good restaurants there, including right next to the Establo. Some even had live music. We did not eat at the hotel except for breakfast.

The airport transfers were also smooth coming and going. We did not find the trip from Monte Verde to San Jose difficult.

Lastly, we were very pleased with your service to us, as you were very prompt in answering emails and always polite and informative whether on the phone or Internet. All was extremely well-organized and easy-to-follow. I have been recommending you and Sunnyland to our friends.




Costa Rica May 2018


Hi Joe,


I talked with Samantha and she loved it! The hotels were great. She especially loved Arenal, the hotel and the Hot Springs were awesome and she wants to go back. 

She said the only minor problem for her was that the restaurant at the hotel in San Jose was a little expensive for her but she still enjoyed it.  

I told her I haven’t been on the Doka coffee tour and she highly recommended it.

Thank you for all your help on this one. 

Have a great weekend and I’ll talk to you soon.

Sunny Regards,  



Subject:  Jordan -May 2018


Dear Jasmine,

I wanted to let you know that our trip to Jordan was fantastic and to thank you for your arrangements.


Being met at the airport, assisted through customs with help obtaining our visas, then taken to our driver was a wonderful way to start our travels.

There were no other travelers on our itinerary so we spent the week with our driver, Monsour who went out of his way to accommodate any request and was very professional.

All the hotels were perfect, especially the location of the Movenpick in Petra.  It was so nice to only have to walk across the street to our room after spending 10hours in Petra.

We especially enjoyed our stay in Wadi Rum and were glad to be in the "martian tents" as they were air-conditioned.

All our local guides in Jarash, Petra, and Wadi Rum were excellent in knowledge, friendliness, and attentiveness.  It would have been nice to have a guide at the Citadel in Amman which you might suggest to other guests that they could arrange on their own upon entrance to the site.


We felt very safe during the entire trip and were so impressed with the friendliness and warmth of the Jordanian people.  I will highly recommend Jordan and Sunnyland Tours to my clients for an awesome experience.

Thank you again,






Subject: Return from Trip Egypt May 2018


Hi Norma!!!!


We returned late last night from our trip and the only thing we can say is WOW.  What a fantastic job putting everything together.  The man who met us at the airport, our guide in Cairo (and his wife) and our guide during the cruise were FABULOUS!  If possible, I would get those same exact people again and I can highly recommend them to be used in the future. Highly recommend whatever company you used.  The guides were friendly, knowledgeable and answered all of our questions and were very patient with us.  Ms. Boone had issues walking to a couple of the temples so she sat in the shade and enjoyed our pictures.  Ms. Bonaparte loves shopping so our guide had to be patient while she shopped LOL.  Our guides seemed very protective of us, and would not let out of their eyesight for a second.  We got to go to the local Suks in Aswan and thoroughly enjoyed the spice market.


The only thing that I would note:  the ship was NOT the M/S Sara like on our itinerary.  We sailed on the Crown Jewel.  Also, we didn't go through the lock on day 5, we actually sailed it in the evening of day 4.   The staff on the ship were friendly and very pleasant, food was plentiful and delicious.  Cabins were also great, clean and comfortable.

As for the Bazaar on Day 1 - it was an Egyptian Oil shop, then a Papyrus shop, then lunch/dinner

You may want to make a few notes:  To go to the "Royal Mummy room" in the Egyptian Museum it costs extra, to ride the camels or buggy to the Pyramids it costs extra, to go into the Great Pyramid it costs extra.  No drinks (other than tea and coffee at breakfast) on the ship were included (but very inexpensive) so you may want to put these on a disclaimer or something so people are aware.  Wifi was not included on the ship or at the hotel but they were cheap enough and had great connection.

We had a great time!  I am putting together a group to go end of January 2019 when it's not so hot. Thank you so much for putting together a great trip for us, we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and I'm kicking myself for not taking the flight to Abu Simbel, so now I have an excuse to go back.





Subject:Costa Rica May 2018

Norma Jean,

Just wanted to let you know what a great time we had on the Grand Tour of Costa Rica package! All the guides were so knowledgeable and helpful. First of all the Barcelo hotel in San Jose was outstanding. The extra Club floor that you recommended was the best suggestion. After a long day out on a tour we were able to enjoy drinks and some appetizers when we arrived back at the hotel. Really well worth it! And the traditional breakfast served daily was very very good!

All of the included tours were interesting with the Mawamba Lodge in Tortuguero National Park being the most memorable. Our guide there was Jackie and she was outstanding! It rained for a couple nights and she still made it very enjoyable for us. We had two other couples in our group and we all talked about how much fun we had despite the rain. My time on Tortuga Island was also the best. I had oysters that a fisherman brought up fresh on the beach and also rode the Banana boat. Both things I had never done before! The food at the restaurants on all the tours was delicious. Something different at every place.

Thank you Norma Jean for your vacation suggestion, it really was memorable.

Pat and Carl



Subject: Re: Feedback - Partha x 4 - Mar 01 - 10, 2018
We had a fantastic experience. Your colleagues in Costa Rica were amazing. We are very happy with your service.
Shall write in detail in the next few days.


Costa Rica Feb 2018


Just wanted to tell you thank you so very much.  Really was an incredible trip.  Desiree said multiple times it was the best trip she’s been on and it will be hard to top.  


You really knocked it out of the park.  Everything was so easy and smooth, and just made for an incredible trip.  We both had an absolute blast. Great mix of relaxation and adventure.  And the hotel in Tamarindo even helped me out with Valentine’s Day  Can’t thank you enough for all of your hard work. You did amazing! I’ll be sure to tell everyone I know. San Jose hotel –   it was a really nice room. Had a weird bathroom door, but otherwise it was great.  Really big, full size fridge and microwave, good location and delicious breakfast. Thank you Joe!

From me




Costa Rica Feb 2018




Please see the following feedback I received from Switchback on Costa Rica:


Monte Verde---Hotel Fonda Vela is great.  Exceptional staff, beautiful rooms, intimate setting and all in all probably up there with the Lake Hotel in Killarney for "wow" effect.    I can see us heading back to the Hotel Fonda Vela as a "base camp" destination in the future.   Please let them know how happy we were with them. The restaurant went over the top and offered us a great meal at a decent price when we arrived at 7 that first night.  Then the chef made a special meal that we offered to our group when we created a special concert at the poolside.  I can't praise this hotel enough. 


The coach company (ies) we had this time around was 100% better.  Let's keep them for the future.  I liked the bus plus van approach.  I think everyone felt that it was spot on for comfort.  Even with the rutted road to Monte Verde, which the drivers prepped us for by joking about a "Costa Rican Massage." The time it took to travel to destinations were very good.  Brian made a good decision in getting some libation on each vehicle and so, the first long day was sort of broken up by a "bus party" to Monte Verde.   I think with travel time, we can prep people in the future in emails about what to expect in Costa Rica.  We had an exceptional group.  A lot of veteran WayGood travelers who made the trip easier for the newbies.  In the end, it was a tight, fun loving group. 




Optionals were right on.  Not one disappointed in my opinion.  Selvatura adventure park would be a place to return to.  The cruise ended up being better than expected with the boat just the right size to be "our boat" for the day.  You couldn't beat that.  The crew was very nice.  Even the skiffs that got us to the boat became a fun adventure.  The boat was too small to set up our equipment, but it wasn't a bother as the crew schlepped it on and off.  We ended up performing that night at the Best Western off the beach.  Rainforest walk was pretty amazing.  All in all, much better than the first tour in my opinion.  People felt that the balance was just right with the optionals and time needed for them vs. free time.  Those who didn't partake or did their own optionals (one couple did a night walk, etc. etc.) were not feeling weird about breaking away and doing their own thing.  The Tree House restaurant with the show went well and I thought the dinner was really good.  












Egypt Dec 2017

Dear Jasmine,

I wanted to drop you a note and thank you for all your arrangements in Egypt and Jordan. They came back and seem to be happy with the guides and other arrangements. 

Overall it was great , and I am looking forward to working together in the future. Have a wonderful Happy Holiday! Thank you again for your attention to details that made your tour smooth and nice.





Subject: Re: Feedback-Nov 12 - 19,2017-Dubai & Abu Dhabi
Hi Joe
It’s not intentional that I haven’t responded about our lovely vacation. First and foremost I want to tell you and your team Thank you!! Everything was absolutely amazing our itinerary was awesome the service we received in our hotels was great and our transportation was always on time. We had an amazing experience and I was waiting to speak with you personally about possibly booking another trip to S. Africa next year. Again thank you for a great experience.


Subject: Cuba Travel Testimonial!

Hello Norma!

I had to share the amazing experience we had in Cuba!  It was honestly more than I expected.  I chose for our group to stay in a Casa Particular in Havana and we honestly felt so at home.  The family was loving and inviting and we felt safe and the two houses we had...accomodations were comfortable and gave us everything we needed.  The tour guide we give a 5 star rating!!! Andres was so good to us and there was not language barrier.  He was simply acceptional along with our dependable driver.  From the restaurants he recommended to the entertainment...I can't express how thankful we were to have him.  He made everything so easy!!!

Veradaro was sweet...My Birthday was extra special!  The morning we did the cruise to the private island and then at night dinner on the beach where the food was so well prepared...sooo good.  Roc Arenas rooms were moderate and clean.  Spacious and comfortable.  I loved the suites we were given.

I have enclosed some pics and videos!  Thank you Sunnyland for giving us an experience of a lifetime. Unforgettable in so many ways.  I will be booking again.




To: Joe Nazi
Subject: Peru Nov 2017


Just wanted to let you know Ruth & John had a wonderful time on their trip with you. They said their guide was wonderful. The only thing was there was no Evaluation form to fill out to let Sunny Land know how great their experience was with you. Ruth said the guide was upset about that so she wanted me to let you know - they had a wonderful time & the guide was very good. They enjoyed their time with Sunny Land very much.




Subject: Costa Rica Trip Sept 2017

Hi Fernan,

We enjoyed every minute of the trip.  The highlight of the trip was watching the turtle hatching which was an amazing experience to see.

Can you keep me informed next year of any specials for Costa Rica?  We have told our friends and family and they are interested in going next year.

Thank you in advance for everything.



Egypt trip - August 2017 


Hello Joe, 
I just want you to know my tour guide Islam (Luxor -Aswan) was just outstanding, he was knowledgeable, accommodating, polite and kind. 
I highly recommend you using him for any of your USA guest. His English was better then ours, LOL.
We are off to the Red Sea. I'll call you when I get back. Once again, thank you! 


Cuba July 2017


Good morning,




My husband and I just returned from a 7-day tour of Cuba. It was a wonderful package, thank you. I wanted to quickly provide a recommendation for our tour guide, Gabriel and out Chauffeur, Luar - They was terrific. 




Gabriel and Luar were always on time, very professional, and spoke English very well. Luar's car was very clean and air conditioned. He knows the city very well, drove well within the speed limits and was conscientious of those he was transporting. Gabriel was informative. He knows the Cuban history and was a wonderful advocate for my husband and I at our hotels and attractions - always ensuring we were cared for and had the best service. You can tell he is well educated and intelligent. We spent quite a bit of time with both while in Havana over lunch. We enjoyed their company and recommend both for future tourist groups. 




Thank you,


Andrea and William



Cuba June 2017

Dear Norma:

I just want to let you know that the  June group of 10 passengers absolutely loved their 5-day tour to Cuba. They were truly amazed at the quality of the hotels, the comprehensive sightseeing and the wonderful tour director.  THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DID TO MAKE THIS TOUR A GREAT SUCCESS.


Many thanks for all of your help with this.  It is good to work with you and your great organization. You truly inspire confidence.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Have a beautiful day,


Subject:Cuba May 2017


Hello Jasmine,


Just wanted to let you know that my clients couldn’t say enough wonderful comments about their trip to Cuba.  You were wonderful to work with and I will definitely use Sunnyland in the future, especially for Cuba, as this was my first booking and I was definitely in the dark, but you were so kind to answer all my questions with booking the complicated trip, hopefully the governments will make it easier for US citizens to


Visit Cuba in the future. They said Agustin Munoz their driver was a perfect guide, and they liked him very much.


Again thank you.







Our Jordan Journey April 2017

Seeing Petra is on almost everyone’s ‘bucket list.’ We returned last night and I’m up early, jet-lagged and excited. I want to tell you to go, and to go now. We flew Turkish Airlines through Istanbul. The flights were superb. The lounge in Istanbul is rich in opportunities to preview the delicious food you will learn to love. I sent a photo from my seat in the lounge with this text ‘to the left you see the self-service wine selection cart, a dozen or so of white wines on ice and a similar number of reds, all with the corks pulled. Ready to go. Glasses are below. The Cabernet Sauvignon/Syrah blend is superb. Beyond is the baklava table. There is a honey-infused donut, minimum 250 calories per bite and perfect. I hope we don't miss our flight or become diabetic. 

We were lucky to have our guides in Jordan. They made the trip fool proof. From the pick-up at the airport where they guided us through the visa process, recovering our luggage and checking us in to our hotels to meeting us each day for our next adventure. Special thanks to our driver, Muhyeddn Awwad and tour guide, Reyad Mahmoud. They showed us their country, kept us safe, and became friends. They provided first class service, answered every question, and told wonderful stories. Their excitement when we found fields of Black Iris was as genuine as ours.

Jordan has a rich history and you don’t know the half of it. Fortunately, Reyad does, and he is determined to share it with you. He patiently, insistently, unraveled for us the Romans, Greeks, Turks, Jews and crusaders and their respective eras. Conflicts here that continue to this day forged our traditions, morality, governance and religious beliefs. Stand where Moses stood looking at the Jordan Valley and imagine what this land has given all of us.

If we have one regret it is that we didn’t spend an extra night at the Dead Sea Marriot. It was a special, beautiful and restful place and we would have welcomed the opportunity to enjoy it another day. The Amman and the Petra Marriott hotels are distinct and excellent. I recommend the local foods banquet at the Petra Marriott. Superb.

And then there is Petra, although you may think the Dead Sea or maybe Wadi Rum is almost as magnificant. In Wadi Rum it rained two cm the night before we arrived, imagine a waterfall and the desert abloom.

Someone said this was an adventurous trip and it is a bit. The tour company makes it much less so. We felt safe. Jordan’s neighbors seem far away. You can see the Sea of Galilee, the Golan Heights, and Syria in one great panorama. Jordan has ‘tourist police’ to protect and secure all the places we went. Jordan is pastoral. We met a European family bicycling alone through the countryside which gave us assurance.

Tourism in Jordan today is about half of the pre-Arab Spring level. This means you can choose your camel, not wait in line. We chose Daisy. It means you can stand alone in the enormous Roman ruins at Jerash and marvel.

Go now. Ask for our friends Muhyeddn Awwad and Reyad Mahmoud.




Subject: Re: Feedback April 08- 16, 2017
Egypt itinerary


Hi Joe,
Everything was fantastic , all guides were awesome, friendly,  knowledgeable, we had the best time ever! Totally safe!
Thanks again



April 2017


So originally I rated 3 stars because we had some few minor hiccups before our trip and it made me afraid of what was to come. They did fix those things and later provided us a complimentary tour for the confusion. I was totally not expecting that but it was very generous.


I can say I change that to a 5 star for the overall experience.


As I stated in the beginning, Fernan was always very responsive with any questions/needs. Even when my travel agent had a family emergency, I was able to reach him directly.


When we arrived, we were able to find our tour representative easily. He dropped us off to the hotel. As our flight was a little earlier, which we booked flight on our own, we had a little wait to check in.

However, the hotel staff were friendly and offered us beverages and kept us up to date on the status. When we finally got to our room, the rooms were very clean and I loved the amenities. During our entire stay the staff were friendly and very accommodating, that alone gives the hotel 5 stars.

I was a little worried about the tours that were included in our package not going smoothly but they did. The shuttles showed up at the times that Fernan provided us and had our information listed. A representative also kept us informed by sending an email to the hotel staff for delivery to our room.

We were a little worried about our return shuttle because they never contacted us with a pick up time. However, the hotel staff called Sunnyland and we were able to get those details at that time.

The overall experience was wonderful for the 5 star package! I recommend this for those looking to book the Dubai tour with Sunnyland.





Subject: Galapagos

April 2017


We had a fantastic time in Ecuador! What a great trip. We enjoyed the tours in the capital of Quito. All our guides were very knowledgeable. Isabela Island in the Galapagos was the highlight. We saw many different species of animals and snorkeled in nice warm water. No need for wet suits! Loved it. Lava House is a very comfortable place to stay. It is within walking distance of downtown, and the staff was always very helpful. We would walk anytime day or night. Most meals we had at the Fruita Café which was included in our trip. The fried shrimp plate was excellent. The staff was always very friendly.

We couldn’t ask for a more enjoyable vacation, thank you!

Pat and Carl


Mar 18 - 25, 2017 - 7 nights Costa Rica Sampler
Hi Joe,
Everything went well without a hitch so it was a very good and well organized trip.  
One thing I will mention just to keep in mind is that in general there is a lot of traffic
in The San Jose area.  Put that on top of a weekend strawberry festival and the 
Sunday trip excursion to the Poas volcano/waterfall/sanctuary excursion involved 
more time on the road than enjoying the sights. Not sure what could be changed there, 
so other than that it was great.  Feel free to call and discuss.
Costa Rica March 2017
Hello Joe,
We had a wonderful time in Costa Rica.  The tour guides were very knowledgeable and accommodating. The hotels were spacious and clean. Transfers were always on time with very good drivers.  
We loved the fact that the Karahe Hotel was on the beach.  The staff there made sure that we were packed "a little something" (sandwich and fruit) the morning we departed because the restaurant would not be open. The only suggestion would be to have a staff member available to help seniors with taking chairs to the beach. Thank you Joe for all you've done to make our trip enjoyable. Again, we had a great time in Costa Rica!

Best regards, Marie 


Costa Rica March 2017


Jan and I are already going through honeymoon withdrawal here at the Garden Inn/Hilton at Liberia airport. This trip has been a wonder all the way through without a hitch.  Every part was stunning.  The hotels were top notch.  The drivers and vans were awesome.  We saw a lot of birds and flora.  Your planning and execution of this trip was over the top!  Thank you for making this possible!








Costa Rica March 2017


I meant to email you this morning but the day has gotten away from me!  It was a fabulous trip and I appreciate all the attention to detail and being sure everything was set up.  We had absolutely 

no hiccups along the way and had a fabulous time.  I would highly recommend the tours that we took and the highlight of the trip was the Arenal Volcano Inn.  It is beautiful and such nice people 

and a fabulous view  The only challenges were probably the longer bus rides between all the locations but drivers did a nice time of stopping and enjoyed having the wifi available and seeing the sites.  I would probably always recommend at least an upgraded room at Karahe hotel, if not maybe one of the upgraded hotels.  It is a fabulous location but our room was right on the highway so basically no sleep and the bathrooms are quite dated.  But the ocean and beach there were perfect and got to see the monkeys several times as they came through to mooch food! 

The only additional excursion we did was Ecoglide in Arenal and it was wonderful value – 13 platforms for just $50!  Otherwise we just sat and enjoyed the weather and the views of volcano and ocean  It was great to relax.  I posted many pictures of our travels and hope to have some people additionally interested in taking the trip so will keep you posted!  Thank you again for a most fabulous experience.



Cuba January 2017

Dear Norma,
Despite a delay in flight for the Teater group they had a wonderful time in Cuba. Apparently something happened in Atlanta and the plane could not land and they had to fly to Cleveland and were bused to Lexington arriving 3:00 A.M. in the morning. However, despite the airplane glitch which was not under our control they complimented the trip and appreciated all that you did to make this happen.
Thank you again for all your help. jane


Cuba in January 2017


Hello Jasmine,

What a terrific trip!  We are sending our most sincere appreciation for the kindness of our wonderful tour guide Gabriel

Guerra.  Through him we established a true cultural exchange between our two countries which we will always remember and cherish.  Please hold him in the highest regard.  Our schedule did get a bit skewed, but all worked out and it was a beautiful trip. We will definitely be going on another tour with Sunnyland!  Thank you, Rich and Rene (Doreen)

Cuba New Years 2018
Hello Fernan, and happy new year!
I just wanted to let you know that the Colligans had a marvelous trip to Cuba over New Year. They are raving about everything they saw and did, and especially the excellent tour Guide Gabriel, and the excellent driver Alexandro. There are so many mixed reviews out there regarding Cuba that it's very refreshing to hear about a very good experience from my clients.
Thank you for your help with this booking and I look forward to working with you again soon.
Subject:Thank you! Costa Rica Dec 2016
Hi Joe,
Thank you so much for arranging a perfect vacation. Everything went smoothly and without a hitch. 
All the transportation arrived promptly, the tour guides were so professional, the accommodations 
were wonderful, the food was great, and we loved the people of Costa Rica! 
It was EXTREMELY RAINY for the first five days of the vacation and the locals complained about the 
unusual weather, stating it has been strange for years due to global warming. 
We did get to see turtles being born—much later than usual, also due to global warming.

p.s.. we will definitely return!




 Thanks for writing and Happy New Year.


       Our trip to Costa Rica was fabulous … and flawless. Great job!


       The suggestions of your tour guide group and their choices of lodging and excursions was perfect.


       You might recall, at their suggestion, we spent just one day in downtown San Jose and did not stay in downtown.  They were right. One day of casual sightseeing of the capital city was more than enough, and the Barceló hotel 3 miles outside of the city center was a wonderful choice.


       Then they suggested from the Barceló a 1-day excursion to the Doga Coffee plantation and from there to Paos and the waterfalls and volcanoes north of the city. Great excursion. Great guides. 


       And though time was tight, we did indeed get back in time to make the dinner show at the Ram Luna at the restaurant on a bluff overlooking the city. What a spectacle.


      The second part of the trip was to Tortuguero on the Caribbean. The Mawamba Lodge was incredible. The river tour through the jungle canopy was breathtaking. Up close next to our craft were crocodiles, giant turtles, and brightly colored birds; in the trees were monkeys, sloths, and iguanas. The provided meals were scrumptious.  And again, the tour guides were exceptional. And 2 days was perfect duration.


       From there we had 2 days in Arenal staying at the Montana  de Fuego. On our own initiative we did a side trip to the Maleku Indigenous reservation. Then as arranged we trekked to the Arenal Volcano viewing site, and after that enjoyed a fabulous  evening side excursion to the Tabacon resort to enjoy the natural spas and gourmet dinner.  The time in Arenal was well planned, and the Montana de Fuego was excellent lodging—individual cabin-style suites.  We had no time for zip-lines or waterfalls or suspension bridges in Arenal; but that was okay as we had been to waterfalls in Paos and would unexpectedly do a very long suspension bridge on our last day.


      Then back to the Barceló for our last day. It was nice to return to the Barceló  as we were familiar with the hotel and it was close to the airport. Our final tour was our 1-day request …. Visit a cocoa plantation. That could not be arranged, but a tour of cocoa and chocolate production was arranged. Your tour guide group pulled it off and we had a private tour to observe and help process and make chocolate. Then our guide led us into a hike into the jungle, which included transversing a swaying 300 meter suspension bridge over a river  chasm. So we got our “Arenal” suspension bridge experience.


     And as a bonus, our private tour guide took us to an off-the-beaten track to an authentic “soda” – a place locals go for cheap authentic Costa Rican cuisine.  It had a wood burning stove, crude wooden furniture, and the plantains we enjoyed were picked from the tree in the owners backyard and brought in for grilling. 


      Eight days …. San Jose, Tortuguero, Arenal, coffee plantations, chocolate tour, volcanoes, waterfalls, wild life, culture show, and an authentic “soda” experience  …. 


Great job to you and the tour group !








Subject: Re: Feedback fo Tour - Peru Trip - Sep 08, 2016




One would think that I would have found time before this to respond, however I guess Life in general has delayed my response, for that my apologies.


Prior to this Tour I had only taken one three day packaged tour in Australia. The reason being, anytime I had taken a Half or full day tour anywhere , I would usually get frustrated as it made no difference if I wanted to look/read something, too bad, Time up and I usually would get spoken to at least once for holding things up. 


In planning this trip we thought that a package tour was our best and only true option. Everything  was totally Awsome, never felt hurried, my greatest fear. 


You provided us with a First Class product in all aspects. There was always a Rep. waiting for us, taking us somewhere and ensuring that we were always well informed. I actually believe that they went farther than one would have actually expected or hoped for!  


The Services provided us could only be out done by the sight of Machu Picchu itself ! 


Thank You

Gail and Steve

Subject: Re: Feedback for Peru - Oct 13 - 25, 2016


Hi Joe,
Sorry for taking some time to respond.  The rest of my trip went really well.  In Puerto Maldonado I had a little bit of trouble figuring out if someone was there to pick me up or not because I didn't see my name or hear anyone calling it out, but after asking a few people, I figured it out and all was well.  The only reason I was nervous was because my flight from Cusco was pretty delayed.  Other than that everything went swimmingly.
I had a great time in the Amazon and experienced many amazing things, the tours were fun and the guides were good.  It was very structured and I could have used more free time to explore the jungle, but I did not leave myself much time for that when I planned the trip!  Puno was also wonderful, I definitely got serious altitude sickness, but the hotel was great and gave me oxygen (twice!).  The hotel was beautiful, I really enjoyed the staff, the view and the hotel over all.  The host in Puno that met me at the bus station and took me to the airport was incredibly nice.  I can't remember his name now, but he was very friendly and nice to talk to, and made me feel very well informed about Puno and comfortable.  The trip as a whole was amazing, thank you for your helping in planning it.  



Cuba oct 21, 2016


We had a great time in Cuba.  The trip was done really well and we fit in a lot for such a short period of time. The hotel was clean and comfortable as was the bus we were on. Our tour guide, Lassaro, was very knowledgeable about his country and did a good job of explaining the ins and outs of a communist government.


He was able to change things around a bit when needed.  He got us to a restaurant near the Fort and we had a great dinner and then could walk to the ceremony.  


The walking tours were great and gave us a good taste of the city. The show at the Nationale Hotel was good.  Costumes were beautiful and fun to see.


It was fun to see the Hemingway house and hotel. Going to the organic farm and restaurant was a treat.  That was really a nice day even though it took some time to get to that part of the island. We enjoyed the cave and boat ride and later the painted mural We really enjoyed tasting the mojitos and the other rum drinks. The group was a good size. Maybe a tour of El Moro castle could be added. Thank you for all the work you did. 


Jim and Maureen 



Sent: Sunday, October 16, 2016 9:04 PM
To: Norma Edwards
Subject: Tour

My tour to Jordan was SENSATIONAL!  I had a private guide and driver for the week.  They took very good care of me as I needed special attention.









Subject: Re: Feedback - Costa Rica trip - Sep 10, 2016
Costa Rica was amazing. And the itinerary we were on was perfect. Got a taste for the different parts of the country. Everyone should be encouraged to travel in Costa Rica and not just go to the Pacific Coast.  Can't believe that a volcano was erupting as we were leaving and we missed it. Loved all the arrangements and tours. A couple of hiccups as you know. But I have to say that Marley and Alejandra at the Riu Guanacaste came through and made everything right. Mentioned them in my Travelocity review. Hope it gets back to them. I made sure they were well tipped - since their colleague was not interested in doing the right thing. Thank you for everything. Would definitely go back. 





Subject: Re: Feedback - Costa Rica trip - Sep 10, 2016
Hi Joe--
I thought the trip was amazing.  Loved the three areas of Costa Rica we experienced.  
I couldn't believe our luck with the weather!!!  Every time we were touring it was dry.  It rained when we were on the bus or van. 
Mawamba was very interesting. It was quite warm, as was expected, so sleeping was I bit more of a challenge. But the grounds and two tours were excellent.  We also did the optional excursion to watch the turtles laying eggs. Absolutely amazing.  
Arenal was beautiful.  It was a challenge to hike but absolutely worth it.  Our guide told us he didn't get many "old people" like us.  We did ask.  ⯑
I would do that hike in the morning and Tabacon springs during the day.  Tabacon looked beautiful.  It was hard to appreciate fully I suspect. 
The RIU was very nice.  I'd certainly go back there.  I liked the activity level there better than the Secrets.   I'm glad the issue with Patricia's room was resolved.  
I'd certainly go back, and I would recommend people get to all three areas. Each was uniquely beautiful.   
Our transfers were very smooth which made for a worry free trip.  Thank you for all your help.  
Subject: Re: Feedback - Costa Rica trip - Sep 10, 2016
Costa Rica was amazing. And the itinerary we were on was perfect. Got a taste for the different parts of the country. Everyone should be encouraged to travel in Costa Rica and not just go to the Pacific Coast.  Can't believe that a volcano was erupting as we were leaving and we missed it. 

Loved all the arrangements and tours. A couple of hiccups as you know. But I have to say that Marley and Alejandra at the Riu Guanacaste came through and made everything right. Mentioned them in my Travelocity review. Hope it gets back to them. I made sure they were well tipped - since their colleague was not interested in doing the right thing.

Thank you for everything. Would definitely go back.





Subject: Re: Feedback - Peru - Aug 01-10, 2016 
Hi Joe,
Everything went as clockwork.  The companies in Peru were always on time or early. 
I can't say enough about their punctuality!  The trip was Great! I  booked the JW Marriott
on my own but that was an incredibly luxurious hotel.  The Lima tour, museum and temple
ruins was excellent.  The Amazon was an experience we will not forget!  Right in front of
us River Otters and a Caiman were battling each other.  It was like a nature show you
would only see on Discovery Channel happening right in front of us!  Very Cool! 
Mario our guide was great. The Lodge was fine.  Every time I would refer to it as rustic my
kids would tell me how wrong I was.  Hey - I just left the JW Marriott so any hotel is rustic
compared to that.  I would sell the Sandoval Lodge in the future.  We all enjoyed Cuzco. 
Alpaca, Guinea Pig and Ox tails were dinner one night.  Machu Picchu was amazing! 
The Vista train ride was very comfortable  The only negative comment I'll make about
Machu Picchu is the 2 hour wait for the buses to get to the site and another 2 hours to
get back.  It was ridiculous but with only 26 buses shuttling thousands of people up and
back what else could you expect.  The tour guides are hoping the new president can
help alleviate the situation.  On to Puno now.  I felt it was one tourist trap after another. 
The bus ride making 5 stops was a bit much.  The bus blew 2 tires and we had to wait
for a new bus at the first stop.  No big deal except the ac wasn't working well on the new
bus and the tour guide although friendly and knowledgeable didn't stop talking for almost
the entire 8 hour bus trip.  My least favorite part of the trip.  I really liked the charm of the
Cuzco hotel and the hotel in Puno was nice.  It truly was an incredible trip! 
Thank you for all your help! 
Subject: Re: Feedback - Mar 26 - April 04,2016 - Costa Rica
Hi Joe,
I apologize for taking so long to get back to you.
Our Costa Rica trip was amazing!  It was a good mix of activities and hotel accommodations. 
We appreciate what you did to schedule our itinerary and for helping Mikala, our daughter,
as well.  We certainly made some very special family memories.  


Subject: Re: Student Group


Here is the response I received from the group:
Overall, we had a great experience with Cuban culture and traditions. I think the students liked the trip schedule and were overwhelmed with the number of sightseeing at the end of the trip. I should say that the schedule was more touristic rather than educational. They didn’t take us to the University of Havana, plus they didn’t take us to a hospital to show their ordinary health care facility. During the trip, I understood why they didn’t want us to take to that places. Simply, they wanted to show us the best places in Cuba and less concentrate our attention on something that may look unattractive. Although we have enough exposure to tobacco industry and some exposure to sugar cane industry. I and students were pleased with quality of accommodations. So, overall, I believe, it was a great experience of Cuban culture and traditions.




Subject: Trip to Cuba

Good morning Jasmine,


We just wanted to tell  you what a wonderful time we had in Cuba.


It was beyond our expectations.  The hotel, Guide and Driver were wonderful.  We felt safe and comfortable the whole trip.


The only glitch was the flight back from Cuba. . . The flight was delayed over 2 hours going back to Miami.


Have a wonderful day.


Ben & Catherine 




-Re: Feedback - Mar 19 - 26,2016 -Costa Rica Grand Tour

Hi, Joe
I REALLY enjoyed the trip that Sunny Land Tours arranged for me. :) 
I thought all of the hotels we stayed at were comfortable and accommodating.
I liked the variety that we were provided with throughout the week as far as places
that we visited, foods we were provided, and sights that we saw.
The transfers were good and on time for the most part.
There was some miscommunication one day because our paper said our ride left at 8am
when it was actually supposed to be 7am, so we were rushed and a bit late.
I felt bad about that. 
Otherwise, I loved my week with Carly and my weekends with my parents.
It was very relaxing, and I even learned a lot more about Costa Rica. 
Thanks, Joe!
Costa Rica March 2016
I want to thank you for planning such a fantastic experience.
It was an incredible and unforgettable two days. 
I loved the Tabacon resort. 
The hot springs were amazing. The food was wonderful. 
The hotel upgraded me to a grand suite in the main building (room 907). 
The Sky Adventure Park was awesome. I loved the zip line trip and met some great people on my tour. 
I now want to come back to Costa Rica sometime in the next year or so and bring my family.
I will certainly let you know so I can get your help again.
Thank you!



Subject: Costa Rica Post-Trip Comments Feb 2016
Hi Joe,
I'm sorry I began writing almost as soon as I saw your last email and then forgot to follow up. Anyway, we both had a great time
and could not have asked for better service from you before and during the trip! 
This was the perfect trip for a couple of people who would have had difficulty researching all of the options of local tours to take
while in a country like Costa Rica, with such a wide selection of activities available. Everything was conveniently in place. All we
had to do was follow instructions for when to meet our transfers. We had great time throughout!
The only things that could have made the Palacio perfect is if it were walking distance to the historic city square, and if the pool
stayed open later. For all of that, it is at a great location for access to the highways for the daily tours, very nice staff, bar, and
comfortable rooms. 
We actually missed our tour group on the one day (misunderstanding) but the staff at the front desk called
Expediciones Tropicales and worked out a solution. We were more than happy to pay for a quick taxi ride to catch up with the
tour group, after expecting to miss out entirely. We really appreciated it!
The Mawamba Lodge was actually our favorite of the two hotel properties. But do make sure to always manage expectations that
it is simplistic and rustic compared to Palacio. We thought it was great, especially after the few previous days of getting up early
and moving through evening hours. It was nice to not have tv and just relax. There is no better place to completely miss the Super
Bowl than Tortuguero National Park and Mawamba Lodge! 
 Every day of the itinerary had at least one great highlight. The zip lining on Day 2, Tabacon Hot Springs Day 3, wildlife viewing via boat
and stargazing the two days in Tortuguero, the trails at Rio Danta, and then the animals at La Paz facility. 
 Thank you again too Joe for verifying our flight schedules for arrival which helped Travis avoid a missed flight situation. And then your
quick action following the cancellation of one of the tours due to weather ensured we had activities the following day. And this was accomplished with less than 12 hours before pick up time. 
 Again, great trip for both of us and we can't wait to go back!


Costa Rica New Year's In Nature 2018
Hi Lori,


The trip was absolutely wonderful - so many great activities and tours.  Costa Rica is as gorgeous as I imagined.  We had a really fun time and wouldn't have changed a thing!


Thank you again for all of your help!

Happy New year!!




Subject: Re: Feedback - Costa Rica Explorer 05DEC

Hi Jasmine,

Hope  you had a wonderful holiday season! Sorry for not being able to get back to  you sooner - it has been so busy with work, holidays, etc. We really enjoyed the trip and it was a fabulous experience which we still talk about from time to time. The service was excellent - thoughtful arrangements so we could experience different parts and flavor of Costa Rica; the tour guides were very knowledgeable and professional; the hotels are good and the transportation transits were smooth…

After all, it was an excellent, worry -free and very enjoyable trip and I have been telling my friends about it and the great services you provided and would definitely recommend you to my friends. Also, I would like to mention that your are so wonderful and the professionalism and the service you provided with us for this trip was just remarkable and really appreciated!!! Btw, do you have any Caribbean cruises  in April?

Thanks again and hope we can work together again!

Best regards,


Testimonial / SUNNY LAND TOURS:

I (as the owner of a travel agency, TraveLynn) have just returned home from a FABULOUS trip to COSTA RICA with 32 friends/clients.  Sunny Land Tours made ALL of our arrangements, transfers, hotel accommodations, site-seeing, tour guides, and (most) meals.  We covered SO much of the country it was AMAZING:  from San Jose (center valley) - to the Caribbean coast (Torteguero) - to Arenal (La Fortuna)  and finally to Guanacaste (Pacific coast)!

Everything went smoothly.  Transfers were always reliable and prompt; tour guides were most informative (Alex was SUPER!), the selected lodging was appropriate and consistent with the environment, accommodations were clean and comfortable, the meals were delicious (most were buffet style), and the varied activities, which met everyone?s needs were well managed and enjoyable.  The zip lining facility has state of the art equipment and the staff was well trained to deal with nervous  first time zip liners (what a thrill!!!).

As an agent on my first trip to Costa Rica, I was most comfortable leading my group of seasoned travelers through the total experience as planned by Sunny Land Tours staff.  Sunny Lands Tours is as exemplary a company with affordable pricing that I have worked with during my 20 years serving in the travel industry.  I would be remiss if I didn?t make mention of Norma Jene Edwards, Sales Manager, who is most kind and was very helpful working and directly assisting me for 6 months coordinating my group on this most memorable trip!  Thank you Sunny Land Tours!

Warm and Sunny Regards!


Travel Consultant, Owner, TraveLynn

Suriname & Guyana
Excellent experience, favorite location was Paramaribo. The hotel was centrally located which made it convenient for walking around with my free time. The complete organization of the tours and activities with the spacing of the days were best feature. Tours, transfers, hotels & guides were excellent.
Will travel with Sunny Land again.
Costa Rica Group
Thank you for ALWAYS being there when I needed you. My group of 10 leave shortly. Tomorrow 12 of us leave then 4 Tues. & 4 on Thurs. Sunny Land Tours has been from start to finish. You prepared a wonderful trip for me as an agent as well as my clients. The RIU was delightful and nice way to wind down. It will be so much easier for me to sell Costa Rica having experienced it so much first hand. I am most grateful for the opportunity. I will be posting VERY POSITIVE comments on your website as well as TripAdvisor.
In much appreciation,
Lynn of Travelynn
Feedback - Nicaragua
I can not even express how much we enjoyed this trip to Nicaragua. The Hotels were just wonderful and in great location, very very clean. The flight was delayed but Socrates had our names on a flyer so we could not miss him and did not have to look for our transfer. Socrates really made our trip he is so knowable in the history  
and seemed to know every place in that country, also very punctual friendly and accommodating. We took a lot of pictures even of our meals we ate because
everything was so beautiful presented and  fresh and delicious. I did check out some Spanish Schools and also was impressed. All in all I just loved the trip and the ones who did not go are really missed  out on a beautiful country and people. Thank you again for such wonderful Adventure I loved every minute of it.

 Feedback - Costa Rica trip

We had a great time...Loved the hotel in San Jose - Palacio,the Mawamba Lodge, and the Montana de Fuego .
Did not like the last one....RIU. Too much like Las Vegas for us so we rented a car for the day and
drove north, interesting area, very different than the rest of the rain forests.... Loved the Osa Penninsula,

Would go back again....

Dear Norma-
A perfect trip...we have some photos to share with the meantime, please see this images.
Perfect hotel (and location and class of hotel), prefect tours, perfect planning by you and your team.  Thank-you!
I've been telling my family and friends about you and Sunnyland Tours.  My college buddies (from 30 years ago), now that their children are done with college, are ready to travel...and want me to plan things for us via Sunnyland Tours.  I'll be in-touch.

Kenya & Tanzania
The trip was most enjoyable.  We thank Fernan (great employee!) for working with us and developing an exciting and workable itinerary.
If you'd like any more detailed feedback on our adventures and your partners in Tanzania, Kenya and Morocco, I'd be happy to give you our opinions.  Overall though, an excellent trip with memories and stories for a lifetime to tell and share.
Thank you,

Israel & Jordan

Excellent guide, great itinerary. The hotels went out of their way to give us a great room. Petra Guest house view could not be better - awesome! Osama (guide) cared a great deal about giving us the best service and quality tours. Wish we had more time!


Costa Rica Trip

Hi Norma & Antoinette,

Wanted to let you know that our trip to Costa Rica was fantastic! It exceeded our expectations and everything from the rain forest to the waterfalls were absolutely beautiful. Everyone was super nice and the accommodations were great. We were very impressed how everything was on time as scheduled. We saw all kinds of wildlife and met a lot of nice people. Thank you for helping us make lasting memories and we look forward to working with you on future trips.

Chuck & Sharon

Hi Jasmine

I just had to let you know how much we LOVED our trip to Egypt!! We are very well traveled and have to say we are very impressed with your company. We can not rave enough about our local guides Micheal saad on nile cruise and Hany egyptoligist in Cairo. WE felt totally safe and pampered. I would like to do anything possible to encourage Americans to travel to Egypt. I hope you can please convey and do something nice for our local guides, they totally made our trip!! We are not easily impressed but from start to finish everything just fell into place and was magical.

Thank you so much

Vikki & Tom
Feedback - Costa Rica -

Our favorite, hands down, was the Tabacon - it is a true 5 star hotel and the springs were amazing!
Don't tell anyone about this hidden gem, please! The springs, the gardens, staff and food was above and beyond. I wish we'd stay there longer. Los Pinos was another great place, we were in love with the adorable cabins and staff was very friendly and accommodating. We walked the trails, visited the town of Monteverde and picked the greens from the garden on premises for the salad. The cabins are located in the pine forest in the mountains, at the top of the trail you can see Nicoya peninsula. The view was breathless. The accommodations were top notch, too. Very clean, well made, artistically furnished.
It was very serene place. We will definitely be back! Now, as for Papagayo resort - when we arrived, we discovered it is not Hilton anymore, but was sold recently(after we booked it, I guess). It was extremely hot and hard to enjoy the nature and grounds, although everything was immaculate. The only place you can escape was the one with air conditioner. The room was gorgeous and we had a killer view
(after we asked to move us to the room with better view, since the first choice was not so good, behind buildings and trees). Food was very good, too. Not so much to do for the activities, there was volleyball net, but on the black sand it was impossible to play after 10 am and until 5 pm.... Did I mention it was extremely hot? Anyway, next time we would like to explore Manuel Antonio beaches instead to see if they are any different. Let me know if you need anything else.


Natural Treasures Tour Package - Counihan Family


Here is an overview of our trip.

When we arrived in San Jose the hotel shuttle was nowhere to be seen, but one of the kids hustling on the sidewalk made a couple of calls for us and soon the shuttle showed up. The Barcelo Palacio hotel was lovely.

The Doka coffee plantation tour was interesting and informative. Soon after, the weather deteriorated. In fact, it poured the rest of the day so the Poas volcano was hidden in the fog and we were thoroughly soaked at the La Paz Water Fall Garden.  Lunch there was good, but one gal from Canada was so wet and cold she was shivering and turning blue. The hike and waterfalls were great, despite the weather. Somewhat to my surprise, the animals were in a zoo. Our guide, a funny character, announced on the bus later that the Counihans were to be dropped off at a Burger King...which was wrong.  Everybody on the bus got a kick out of that. He made a couple of calls, apologized for the confusion, and proceeded to our regular drop off point where we were met by our driver...and began a three hour ride on twisting roads in the rain and dark to Arenal.

The Arenal Volcano Inn, like all the hotels, was unique and wonderful. The volcano itself is misrepresented in the itinerary and hotel brochure which describes and depicts ash, smoke, lava, explosions. It's very much asleep (not quite dormant) and the short tour there consisted mostly of a long lecture on volcanoes with no payoff at the end as the volcano was obscured by clouds. Some Swedish folks in our little group were rolling their eyes, though the guide was very charming and clearly had been studying volcanoes for years.

The Tabacon Hot Springs Resort was a definite highlight. We swam in many hot pools and waterfalls followed by a terrific buffet dinner.

Our boat ride across Arenal Lake followed by a hair raising bus ride over spectacular, unpaved mountain roads to Monteverde was memorable. The scenery was jaw dropping. We loved the Ficus Hotel and I already wrote a positive review for Trip Advisor. The wind was howling and it was cool here, but we enjoyed it. The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve Tour was fine for biologists, eco tourists and researchers but we saw little. Maybe it was an off day.  The Guide had a fancy telescope on a tripod and kept looking for birds and animals and found nothing at all during the whole hike.  Another couple in our small group found this as amusing as we did, so we had fun with them along the way. At one point the guide had Ellen get down in the mud to look at a tarantula hidden in a stump.  That was it. I heard later that there is another Reserve in the Monteverde area where one can see many animals, monkeys and such.

Since this tour ended at noon we had the afternoon to go zip lining...which we did. We went to Selvatura Park and with our hearts in our throats went flying above and through the cloud forest on 13 long, fast cables. This was thrilling. We rented a Go Pro camera to record the adventure and prove to skeptics we actually did it. The guys working this tour were charming, funny and very helpful. This zip line outfit was recommended to us by a couple of people and they were right. They provided free transportation to and from our hotel and picked us up right on time.

The next day featured another long ride through unpaved mountain roads to Tamarindo, featuring more amazing mountain scenery. A half hour into the ride our driver's phone rang and it was the Ficus hotel calling to say I'd left our passports and travel documents in the room. We had to turn around and go back, starting all over. The wonderful folks at the Ficus saved my butt, and the good humored driver was cool about it so it all worked out.

The final three days at the Tamarindo Diria was just what we needed...warm weather and serious beach and pool (and shopping) time.

We loved having private cars for three of our transports. Our tour groups were small, interesting and compatible with folks from England, Sweden, China, U.S., etc. But for the arrival in San Jose, every pickup was right on time. The food and hotels were first rate. The CostaRicans were happy, healthy, educated, informed, friendly and very helpful all along the way. We loved the variety of the trip, including the occasional bad weather and rocky roads. We were on the move and having fun.

You certainly picked up on the kind of trip we wanted and came through. Thanks for your help and I hope my comments might be helpful in some way down the road.

I hope we get to work together again...though next time we just might not return. We're still shoveling snow and it"s March!

Belize Vacation Package - Johnson Family
From: Meusel
Sent: Tuesday, January 06, 2018 9:25 AM
To: Joe Nazi
Subject: RE: Feedback for Johnson trip to Belize - Dec 02-13,2014
Good morning Joe,
The Johnson’s had a fantastic trip to Belize with Sunny Land Tours. They could not stop talking about how wonderfully they were treated by Sunny Land employees and how attentive and accommodating your staff were. They also mentioned their meals were absolutely wonderful and that they very much enjoyed Belize. They have traveled extensively and are looking at booking
another Sunny Land Tour in the future. As a result of their experience, I look forward to recommending your company to my other clients also. Thank you for your inquiry and wishing you and your staff a healthy and prosperous New Year.
Thank you for taking such great care of my clients, I appreciate it!

Peru Trip - Mr Kamath
Subject: Thank you!! Feedback abour Peru Trip - Dec 17,2014 - Kamath x 3
Want to thank you and your staff for arranging a fantastic trip. The choice of hotels and tours were well planned out. No complaints. Just as a side note, please advise all prospective clients to Peru about the problem with altitude sickness and what measures and medications to take prior or during the trip.
Wish you, your family and staff a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.
Warm Regards.
Mina, Rabindra and Cyrus
Israel Trip -  Mr Joseph Sonnier
"Felicia and I truly enjoyed our time there. Everything that was done was according to schedule. I want to thank you so very much for your patience with me during our last minute preparations.
I knew that God would work things out for all parties concerned.
The experience in Israel is like no other. We were able to relate events and places to what we often hear in Scripture passages daily. That side of the world was a whole new world to us.
It truly allowed us to recognize the many blessings that God has bestowed upon us.
Often we take the little things for granted. I realized more each day that we were there, that
God wants us to enjoy the simple things in life because what he has prepared for us in heaven is far more greater. Thank you Sunny Land Tours for the experience.
May God bless and keep you all, be gracious to you, and grant you peace...... Joseph"

  Volunteer Group Costa Rica

Hi Joe,

Yes, they had a great trip, said everything was great –

Loved the hotel choices and the van rental.


  Great time in Costa Rica

I had a wonderful time – the weather was nice and the tours you used are wonderful – the only thing I would do is private from volcano to the Guanacaste – I wanted to stop ½ way at a place on the lake. Next time

I want to  go back and stay at the peace lodge and see la paz water fall – and do the Caribbean side – can not wait to sell it to my clients – again thank you ..



 - Guatemala -

Hello Joe,

The Wood Family had a wonderful time in Guatamala.   

No complaints  Only great memories.

Thank you for all your help!!



feedback for Costa Rica

Dear Norma,

Dan and I want to thank you so much for planning our wonderful trip to Costa Rica.  You saw to every detail.  We really appreciated the time and organization it took you to see that we were escorted around in comfort and courtesy.  Every driver was on time and answered all our questions and were very safe drivers. The guides on our excursions were well informed: Hernan in San Jose was excellent for the City Tour and Compbo Tour and then especially at Mawamba, Juan Merino was excellent and gave us a real feel for the country during our stay at Tortuquero.  Unfortunately the lodge was not as well kept as we would have liked but the nature was awesome.  Our morning boat ride took us to an area filled with the capuchin monkeys, they were adorable. It all went too fast with all the adventures at every stop.  We really enjoyed the rainforest at Chachagua , a beautiful spot with wonderful food.  Also Manuel Antonio and So Como No Hotel were breathtaking and we wished we had more time there.  Alas, another trip someday.

 Muchisimas gracias for planning this for us.


Flagler Beach, FL

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Royal Tour of Jordan

Hi Joe,

All is well. Everything was handled professionally from our arrival at

Toledo Hotel to our departure at Amman airport. The accommodations

were good and the tour was great. Suhaib, our tour director did an excellent

and informative tour; professional, courteous and prompt. I did not tell him

that I was a Travel Agent;

I wrote that on the questionnaire at the end.

I will definitely recommend this tour / Sunnyland to my clients...



 Feedback about your Group Trip to Panama + Costa Rica

Hi Joe,
Wanted to tell you that the trip was very nice. I only received excellent
comments everyone was very pleased. Please thank staff at Sunny Land

Costa Rica

We had a great time in Costa Rica. Thank you so much for your planning expertise.
The places we visited and the time allotted for each place was just right. You did a great job with everything... Costa Rica doesn't feel like a third world country, all the people we met were very friendly and helped us with our poor attempts at Spanish. The Karahee hotel was a great place to use as a base, we did some trips from there and it worked out good.  We saw more monkeys at the hotel than anyplace. Manuel Antonio was well worth the time, we did a guided tour and learned a lot. The Gaia hotel has a great restaurant with a beautiful view. On our way to the Cloud Forest we forgot to set our GPS to avoid unpaved roads and ended up with a little adventure. The stony road got so steep the Tuscon was not powerful enough to climb it, so we turned around and started over. But, we got to see some of Costa Rica that we wouldn't have seen otherwise. The Villa Blanca was really beautiful. Now I know what a Casita is and it was really nice. We took a night hike with a naturalist guide and saw lots of frogs and learned a lot. One day there was perfect. If we were there for meditation, yoga and spa, we could have stayed longer, but for our purposes it was just right. The Arenal Volcano Inn was good (although a little tired). The people were very nice and they had a very good restaurant. Of course there were clouds obscuring the volcano, but we enjoyed walking around La Fortuna.  We tried a few of the restaurants you suggested and they were very good. Tabacon hot springs were fantastic, we spent a day just soaking in the beautiful pools. We took a ride around the lake and stopped for lunch at Toad Hall, a unique place, good food, great view, talking birds and good people. Car drop off was easy and I was pleasantly surprised by a really talented singer/guitar player in the dinning room of the Marriott.  We had a 3 hour delay at the airport but it wasn't a big deal. On returning to Orlando we got to use our Global Entry for the first time and it was so easy, just scan your passport and walk through.

Once again Thanks for helping us plan a really great trip. We do want to travel more in Central and South America.  Hopefully you can help us when the time comes. We filled out the Sunnyland form and mailed it in, you got 100%.

Larry and Barbara B ( Florida )


    Transfers & tours were excellent. Favorite location was Petra, there was adequate time at each destination. We received quick responses from the Sunny Land office.

C. Headman

    Fantastic Tour to Jordan!

    We would like to let you know we had a fantastic time on this tour; each and every day was something new and exciting.

    This is our first time touring with Sunny Land and we will definitely tour with you again.

Kathryn H

    Israel Great trip

    Some features enjoyed on this tour to Israel; knowledgeable tour guide who really took the time in answering the questions we had, and made sure we were all having fun! I really liked the different places that we traveled to. Sunny Land offered quality service and quick responses to all our questions.

    The overall experience was nothing less than excellent!

Mary R.

    Well Organized Panama Trip

    Thanks for all your timely help without which we would have missed the Panama canal Tour. Our trip was very pleasant and you organized it well. I will recommend you strongly online and perhaps will contact you next year for the South America Tour.

    Best wishes

Chitrita R.

    The most friendly people

    We were pleasantly surprised to find Suriname a very clean and extremely friendly country. Everyone said good morning or hello or are you enjoying yourself. There was no graffiti and very little litter.
    I would recommend that the stores open on weekends for tourist shopping and the shops need to take credit cards. Also, there should be more exotic fruits and veggie options in the hotel restaurants.

Esther P. ( Travel Agent , North Miami Beach )

    Very memorable trip

    We have just returned from our trip to Egypt and I wanted to share some of our experiences. Upon our arrival at the Cairo International Airport we were cheerfully greeted by a Sunny Land Tours representative. Sunny Land is very well represented by Esslam. I doubt that you could find a better host to welcome newly arrived visitors to his country. Our guides for the remainder of the trip were very knowledgeable in Egyptology and were able to explain all that we were seeing. Our guide during the cruise was Michael and he was a pleasure to be with. I would highly recommend taking an opportunity to sample a local restaurant during your visit.

    The entire trip was a very pleasurable experience and I have nothing but high praise for all that the people that were involved in making this a very memorable trip.

    Thank you,

    The Morgans




    Egypt WONDERFUL experience!

    First, I would like to say that we had an WONDERFUL experience! It was amazing the temples, tombs, pyramids, etc.

    The only thing that I wish would have been different is that we did not eat SO MUCH Western food! I wanted to try more traditional Egyptian food... but the cruise offered mostly Westernized food.

    Our tour guide was AMAZING! We loved him so much! He was extremely knowledgeable, kept us out of trouble, and when we told him we wanted to try traditional Egyptian food he made it happen! If and when I go back to Egypt, I want Elia to be our guide - no one else!

    The tour was jam-packed but was a blast!

    Great job Sunny Land!

    Ms. Rachel




    Thank you for an enjoyable and memorable experience!

    I have just returned from a delightful trip to Egypt...I was pleased to get a thorough overview of Egyptian history and civilization, thanks to the excellent guides... They were both light-hearted and knowledgeable. We had a good time together.All arrangements were excellent: quick transfers, good accommodations on ship and on shore (excellent baths, very comfortable rooms)... We had a chuckle when I asked the guide to get me a high-floor room at the Movenpick in Giza so as to gaze out on the pyramids: turned out to be an all-bungalow resort, one level and lots of kids.I was very happy with all the attention I got!I thank you for an enjoyable and memorable experience.


    David W


    Peru - Great Trip

    I just wanted to drop you a note to say that we had a great time and your local team was very professional and courteous...

    Great trip and I would highly recommend it!

    Thanks again for all your assistance and helping us with all the arrangements.



Costa Rica

    great time - beach/water/weather - perfect!

    We had a really great time... the kids had a blast.

    Tamarindo is my new "go to" place. It was a beautiful hotel and a beautiful location with our room right off the beach and the beach/water/weather was perfect!

Costa Rica

    Tortuguero - location was perfect

    I have just returned from Costa Rica and I wanted to let you know how well everything went.

    The hotels were centrally located.
    All the transfers were prompt.

    We really enjoyed the wildlife in Tortuguero and the whole experience. 2 nights in this location was perfect...

    The entire trip was well executed, especially since we planned it so last minute.

    Thank you!

Michelle B
Costa Rica

    Costa Rica was fantastic!

    Costa Rica was fantastic, we had an amazing time!

    The way our trip was organized worked out really well.

    The day trips allowed us to see different parts of the country, which was really interesting.

    San Jose seems pretty central so it was a good place to stay because all of our trips were only a couple hours away.

    Thanks for all your help planning, we had an unforgettable experience!!

Katherine C

    Everything was really great

    I must say ...everything was really great.

    Our guide was great and so were the drivers. All I can say I would give it 8 to 9 marks out of 10...One thing that I liked the most is that the agency representative greeted us as we got of out of the plane before any immigration/custom formalities which was GREAT! We already had Visa's so it made it more swift. I really like you guys and will (already have) recommend your company. Hope to be taking some tours in future.


Costa Rica

    What a great surprise!

    Hi Joe,

    What a great surprise if was to have you greet us at the El Presidente. It was nice to finally put a face with the voice. I really appreciate you taking the time to do that. All went well with the trip. Transfers were smooth and without incident. Manatus was a nice hotel and the tours were great. We were lucky that the hotel happened to be relatively empty while we were there, so we had both tours to ourselves...Bosque was also very nice. The grounds were beautiful and a lot more extensive than at Lapa Rios. The only downside is that the units are open at the top. So overall, another great vacation.Thank you very much ... we will be back in Costa Rica again, .. still have some areas to explore, so we will have to find the time to get there again.


Mike Z

    Thoroughly recommend - Suriname Discovery Tour

    The tour to Suriname was a success! Our compliments to you for arranging a reliable, safe, accommodating and delightful experience.Our flight though long was efficient. The hotel Krasnapolsky was moder and very friendly. Breakfast and the swimming pool were much appreciated.Bergendal accommodation was perfect and welcoming. Charming tour guides and attended to our needs beyond the call of duty.A wonderful trip altogether.

    In Paramaribo we ate dinner at Wyndham restaurant (very good) as were all meals at Bergendal. The 'Infinity' pool was a God-send and we relaxed, walked about, took boat tours, saw local dancers. We thoroughly recommend this tour and hope it becomes a popular success.Compliments to all. Thanks

Harry A.

    Excellent Tour

    Favorite location was Ephesus The Guides and Tours were excellent. Everything moved along as expected.

    Will travel with Sunny Land again.

Florence H.
Costa Rica

    How special clients are to travel agents!Thank you for realizing how special clients are to travel agents.

    I want you to know how above and beyond Norma went for me on this last minute booking to Costa Rica. Jasmine also did an incredible job with my customer who traveled to Egypt. You have earned my business and I will be telling all of our agents how incredible you have been to work with!

    Thank you!

Tina M.

    Fantastic Tour

    We also would like to let you know we had just a fantastic time on this tour; each and every day was something new and exciting.This is our first time touring with Sunny Land and we will defiantly tour with you again.

Kathryn H

    Egypt & Jordan Tour

    We want to thank you for a fantastic time and we will recommend and use your tour company in the future..we would like for you to know that your agent in Cairo,”Esslam” was very helpful, very professional and just a really pleasant person to be with. Being in such a different country he made us feel very relaxed and at home in Egypt.

    I can’t thank you enough for all of your help.

Kathryn & Gerald H

    A great trip to Egypt

    We had a great trip. Our guides were wonderful. Places we stayed were very nice ...good locations and good restaurants... Great trip.Thanks for all the hard work...

Rebecca M
Costa Rica

    Like to go back to Costa Rica!

    The entire trip was well coordinated, and hit the highlights of the area we visited in Costa Rica. Having some down time or free time gave us the opportunity to visit La Fortuna and wander around Monteverde and the surrounding areas. The transfers were very reliable, and Mountain Paradise and Tamarindo el Diria were lovely places to stay. The amount of sight seeing was just right; when we were in Tamarindo we added deep sea fishing and snorkeling to our activities. Many of the people we had contact with were very helpful and friendly. We would like to go back to Costa Rica!


    An amazing experience in IsraelJust checking in to let you know that we arrived safely and are attempting to return to the normal routines after such an amazing experience in Israel.We really appreciated Sami and his gifted way of teaching a crowd of pilgrims ... I really enjoyed the time, learned an amazing amount of information that I am attempting to assimilate, and will continue to mull over as I digest a "full course" experience.Hanna was also a great blessing to all of us and we will fondly remember his ability to maneuver the roads, streets, highways and parking lots...we were privileged to be pampered and protected throughout our stay in your beautiful country.

    Thank you for all your work and effort to make it more than just a "tour".

Costa Rica

    A wonderfully planned vacation

    I would like to pass along a big thank you for a well planned trip.

    My clients asked send you an email thanking you for a wonderfully planned vacation.

    They all had a wonderful time, and may go back again next year to visit other areas.

    Carlson Wagonlit Travel



    A Great Trip to Suriname

    My trip to Suriname was really great. The quality of the accommodations and meals exceeded my expectations, the staff and guides were helpful and friendly, and the tours were right on target. Beautiful vistas.

    Very few places accept credit cards so bring plenty of cash or Mastercard.


    Pleasant Surprise

    Our trip to Suriname was a pleasant surprise.Our stay in Bergendal was great! The President of Suriname was entertaining the President of an African country and they were staying in the resort too. Security was tight.

    The friendliness and helpfulness of the staff and the rest of the resort personnel in Bergendal cannot be emphasized enough. They were willing to go out of their way to make the guests feel "at home." Kudos to all the staff.


    Why Panama you might ask?

    Why Panama you might ask? Other then the canal what’s there to see/do? Well, for one thing I had the best hot dog, (wrapped in bacon), I’ve ever had in my life. The food at the all-inclusive Intercontinental Playa Bonita Hotel was the best I’ve had anywhere in Central/South America. In fact, the food everywhere on this nine day Panamanian odyssey was exceptional-especially the vegetables, fish and desserts. Unlike many south of the border dining experiences I’ve had, the desserts in Panama were superb-sweeter and fresher overall and in the case of chocolate-based delights-more chocolaty :) I had Corvina in a bed of couscous and cranberry’s that was the best fish dinner I’ve had anywhere in the world, hands down. So, big points here on the food front.

    Second, you can be mountain biking on a dense rainforest trail with a howler monkey serenade or on a kayak gliding over dozens of Eagle rays on a lush coastal lagoon within 30 minutes of the capitol, Panama City.

    Panama by land is a destination for the active. There are hammocks tempting you at every resort and the temperatures make you think twice about venturing out but when you do, it’s inevitably worth it.

    We spent moments under plastic on remote beaches between cloud bursts while ocean kayaking and tucked under the eaves of shelters along trails while biking, (it rains a lot in Panama). The rains cool things down though and also allows for a chance to take a breather, (I’m not 40 any more) and enjoy the magnificence of nature around you. For us this was all part of the fun!

    Still, with all of these fun filled diversions the high point of the trip was the Panama Canal.

    Those of you who have seen the canal from cruise ships can testify as to this amazing feat of American engineering. Taking 10 years to complete at a cost of almost 400 million dollars, (1904) and thousands of lives, experiencing the Big Ditch is something you will not soon forget.

    The best way to see the canal if you are not cruising is to do a “partial transit” through a series of locks from the Pacific Ocean side of the country as we did. At $115, which includes a light breakfast and excellent buffet lunch, this 5 hour Spanish/English moderated tour is very well worth the investment.

    In the interest of fair balance there are two things for me that are worth noting if you decide to visit Panama as I did, on foot. Very little English is spoken by residents. They may appear to understand you but I found they rarely did and I stayed at the number one rated hotel in the country-the Bristol. Seasoned travelers can roll with this, the inexperienced might freak out.

    On the beaches, wear DEET. If you stay ahead of things you’ll be fine. I was a day late.

    So that’s Panama from my perspective. I very much enjoyed my time there. Panamanians seem genuinely friendly. Tipping is not customary. Smoke-free since 2008. The food is wonderful and it’s always warm there. Though there is still much in the world yet to see I will in all likelihood return sooner than later.



Mary Ellen D.

    Hit the jackpot on this tripI'm back and ready to book my next trip to Morocco -- well, probably next year.
    Anyway, I had a fabulous time and the arrangements were perfect. My driver, Kamal was beyond excellent: punctual, polite, extremely knowledgeable, funny, delightful. The guides were fabulous. Traveling alone and being able to make a decision or two regarding what I was interested in doing and/or seeing, made for a totally splendrific week of not being here and wondrously being there.I want to thank you for planning such a marvelous trip, and also to let you know for future people taking such a trip -- traveling alonewas a delight.Hotels were charming, I see you saved the best for last -- the Hotel Atlas Asni in Marrakech. This hotel is amazing, comfortable, swishy, lovely.

    All in all, you hit jackpot on this trip.

    Thank you!





    Egypt adventure a fabulous time

    Just to let you know we returned last evening from our Egypt adventure and had a fabulous time. We cannot say enough about our experiences and the services provided by Sunny Land Tours and your Egyptian representatives.

    Arthur & Bonnie D


    Fantastic time in Suriname.We had a fantastic time in Suriname.Suriname is a tourism developing country that will certainly become a popular destination in the near future. I feel that the country has great potential. The capital is a beautiful spot with their waterfront of old homes....the Suriname people were very friendly and happy to have tourists in their country... Bergendal is a a great place... The prices are very good.I feel very fortunate to explore Suriname.

    Denise W.


    Suriname was a once in a lifetime..thank you profusely for an excellent week. The resort experience in Suriname was a once in a lifetime..With renewed thanks and kindest regards,

    Vivien and Leonh


    A wonderful experienceMy wife and I have returned from our trip to Peru and it was a wonderful experience. Lima was a beautiful city and both Cusco and Machu Piccu were a great experience. The contacts in Peru were always on time and very helpful. Thanks for helping to make this such an enjoyable trip.


    Steve F

Costa Rica

    A fabulous trip... my clients had a fabulous trip and all the arrangements you made worked out perfectly!!!!
    &Coral, the Volcano Inn and the RIU.Your recommendation of staying 2 nights, rather than 1 night, at the RIU was perfect. They said they were so glad they did that. They said all of the drivers were really good and nice and they loved the float trip that you recommended.I have very happy clients and I have you to thank for that!!!

    Thank you so much for all that you did, including answering my hundreds of emails, even after hours and on the weekend. I appreciate it!!!


Costa Rica

    Thank youJust a note to let you know I got a very good report from my clients about their recent trip to Costa Rica......

    They particularly enjoyed their stay at The Blue River Resort.......... Thank you so much for your suggestions and help with this's nice to have a success story.....


Costa Rica

    An incredible vacationWe're back. Thank you so much for planning an incredible vacation! We loved Costa Rica and had an unforgettable time. Neither of us wanted to leave :)The logistics of the trip were seamless - all of our transportation showed up exactly when the itinerary said...The vans were comfortable and all of the drivers were safe. The hotel in San Jose was totally internet, free international calls, and free drinks at happy hour which was a nice touch...

    Tortuguero was very "rustic" ...we saw the most wildlife (monkeys, birds, snakes, spiders, iguanas, etc) here and loved our guide... Arenal was our favorite. I really had no idea what people could do there for a whole week, but we really could have stayed longer and been perfectly content. I would go back to Mountain Paradise over and over again. Amazing views of the volcano, a beautiful pool, delicious drinks and food, and great customer service from every single person working at the hotel. The huts were very private and cute. The horseback ride to La Fortuna Waterfall was fun. The waterfall is spectacular...The ziplining was very very fun and the place... The guides were nice and there were awesome views....Thank you so much again for all of your work putting together this trip for us. There were a lot of moving parts and there was really nothing that was overlooked. Thanks again!

Costa Rica

    Thank youJust wanted to share this with you! I thank you again for helping me with this trip. My client has never sent me such a beautiful note before.

    Have a great weekend!

    Best regards,

Costa Rica

    We loved Chachagua.We had a wonderful trip!!! Thank you!!!!!!!We loved Chachagua and saw many creatures and did many things in the area. Actually, we saw all the animals we came to see except the monkeys. Did hear them while on the hanging bridges though!!!! The volcano was spectacular too!!!Our guide Christian took us to a local hot springs, we even had dinner at his parents house in the evening. His mom taught us how to make tortillas. What a great experience for us all!!!Cant say enough good things about him!!!... It really was amazing trip!!

Costa Rica

    Everything was just perfect

    What can I say....everything was just perfect...and you know we do not get to hear that very often. They loved the Tabacon....the tours & transfers were all great. And...the surprise @ the Tabacon...complimentary breakfast....they were thrilled & very appreciative... They also enjoyed the Playa Conchal very much... Bruce & Andrea are very dear friends for the past 25 years...and good clients, so hearing all these wonderful things about their trip made it that much more special for me. Thank you & your staff @ Sunny Land for making this .a very memorable celebration of Bruce's b-day & their anniversary & a wonderful visit to beautiful Costa Rica.


    Costa Rica/ Peru Tour

    Just wanted to thank you for making possible a wonderful trip for us and our grandchildren. We'll have great memories to last a life time. The grandson was afraid of heights but conquered the hanging bridges with great pride -- also the canopy tour/zip line in Monteverde. The granddaughter thought the Cusco tour would be boring but ended up buying 4 books on Machu Picchu, Inca and ancient Peruvian civilizations. Two of which she read before the trip was over. Who knows where that interest could lead. Our guide in Lima, Elzina Mayer, was particularly good. She has 12 grandchildren of her own and knew just what the kids would enjoy. We had a tour of the catacombs under a monastery in Lima where they just happened to be conducting the funeral of a priest - probably one of the highlights of the trip.
    Our hotels were probably some of the most luxurious we've ever experienced.

    Thanks again for all the work you did to make this great adventure possible.
    Bev and Milton Z


    A Great tripIt was really terrific. We really did a lot, We even climbed WaynePicchu!  Our guides were all really good. The best thing they did escort us to the airport. In Peru they even had our boarding passes printed so we could avoid one ticket counter. Thanks so much for making this a great trip - - - on very little time. We really appreciate it.


Costa Rica

    We had a wonderful timeWe had a wonderful time, and will be telling our friends what a great place Costa Rica is for a vacation.Both of us thank you for this opportunity to see and experience the things we did.Thank you again for the wonderful trip!.

    Kay N

Costa Rica

    Costa Rica was beautiful. Our guide had so much information and so much enthusiasm that it was mind blowing.

    The Chachagua Rainforest Hotel was a nice change from the typical resort environment. It gave the feel of actually being in nature. The Arenal Volcano and Tabacon Hot Springs were great as well. I will never forget the rain forest hike we had when it started raining very hard. The RIU was exactly what I was expecting. Friendly staff, lots of drinks/food, beautiful scenery.

    Scotty S

Costa Rica

    An amazing honeymoon

    Thank you for coordinating our honeymoon itinerary in CR. We had an amazing time in Arenal and Quepos. While in Arenal, the Tabacon Resort was absolutely beautiful and relaxing, exactly what we needed after a busy week and wedding weekend. The hot springs and spa, resort, and staff were truly 5 star. We were able to book our own adventures while in La Fortuna and loved ziplining and horseback riding. Iguana Tours taxi folks were very friendly and hospitable to transport us from big cities/airports to other cities.We also enjoyed the peacefulness and Mariposa Hotel at the top of the hill to overlook the amazing ocean. We also enjoyed Quepos, learning to surf and checking out the animals in Manuel Antonio Park. The local restaurants and people were very friendly.Thanks again for your help and we are truly grateful for this memorable honeymoon experience.

    Happy Holidays-
    Amy and John C


    We had a great trip!Thank you!!We had a great trip! The country has combined incredible natural diversity, and immaculate/Eco-awareness like no developing country I have ever seen, but the people we what made the trip so memorable! Every guide/driver was a positive, friendly force. We talked about many of them on the way home...

    I have recommended and will recommend you and Sunny Land Tours

Peter U

    MACHU PICCHU Was Amazing


    My clients just left my office and they are flying high!

    They are so happy with YOUR arrangements and everything went like clockwork!

    Everything was perfect and were so please that they could get the tour for
    half of what Princess was offering it for.

    so I THANK YOU so much for working it all out for me...

    MACHU PICCHU Was amazing and they said everyone had met them along the way at every point and it went perfect.

    Looking forward to working with you again.

    Thanks, Kenita


    The sights were fantastic

    Just wanted to let you know that we're home. The trip was fantastic. Sunny Land did a wonderful job: well organized, efficient and knowledgeable guides and drivers. The sights were fantastic, the people lovely. (We seemed to stay one step ahead of the "demonstrations".) Thank you.

Michele ( NY )

    We will remember for a lifetime

    The trip was one of the best we have taken. Our guide, Eddie was one of the best we have had as far as knowledge of the subject. He knew all the history of the sites we visited. He was very personable and accommodating. Our driver,Mohammed, was also exceptional. He was very pleasant and always on time. He stopped at a local bakery and bought all of us some fresh baked Arab bread that was absolutely delicious. He had a wonderful sense of humor and since he had previously lived in the United States he understood our “American idiosyncrasies.”

    The itinerary was wonderful —Umm Qais, Amman, Jerash, Ajlun Castle, the Dead Sea, Madaba, Mr. Nebo, Petra etc. —far exceeded our expectations. Petra has to be seen to be believed. The Roman ruins were better than we saw in Italy. The hotels were very nice and the staff exceptionally friendly and accommodating. Jordan is a truly wonderful country for people who are interested in historical and/or biblical sites. Thank you for this trip; we will remember for a lifetime.

Elizabeth & John S. ( Allentown, PA )

    I highly recommend visiting Jordan

    Just a note to tell you about my trip to Jordan... About a month and a half ago I went to Jordan. I was a little nervous at first, but as the days grew closer I got more excited. I have traveled all over, and to date Jordan is one of my favorite countries. The warmth of the people, from the greetings at the airport and hotel, meeting the charming tour guide (Eddie), made me feel at ease at once. Seeing all the sights (Jerash, Mount Nebo, Petra, Wadi Rum and lets not forget Amman) was amazing. Wherever we were people were so friendly, and lets not forget the food. I highly recommend visiting Jordan. It is safe, I never once felt uncomfortable.

Karna B. ( New York, NY: )

    All of the arrangements.. were perfect

    I am writing to tell you how much I enjoyed my trip... All of the arrangements, which you and your staff made for me were perfect. If someone was to pick me up they were there at the appointed time. The hotels and their staffs were always helpful and I cannot say enough good things about the food!... Since I have returned home I have been extolling the virtues of travel to Jordan: I think a day or two in Aqaba, three days in Petra, and a trek into the Wadi Rum sounds like a heavenly vacation

Linda H.L. ( Santa Barbara,CA: )

    Thanks for a wonderful tour!

    Thank you for a wonderful trip to Syria and Jordan. The guides were excellent, the hotels fine, the meals (especially breakfast) were good and plentiful. Thanks again for a wonderful tour!

Saul S ( Sea Cliff, NY )

    Exceptional Sunny Land tours

    My wife and I had the privilege of taking two exceptional Sunny Land tours. The most recent tour was to Jordan. We have been extremely pleased with our guides as well as our accommodations. Thank you very much for your continued good service.

Marty K. Ripon ( WI, USA )

    Jordan Tour

    Joann and I had a great trip. We want to thank you and your staff for the excellent planning.

Jim D

    Egypt Grand Nile:

    Thank you again for your outstanding work in guiding our tour of Egypt! We had a wonderful time and will be telling all our friends about the antiquities and sites in Egypt! We appreciated the quality of the guides and tour leaders, the very responsible transfers, and especially your ability to adapt to late flights, lost luggage, and the dense traffic of Cairo. Your organizational skills and competence made the trip a memorable experience for our family.

    Our return trip ran into the storm (25 inches of snow in New York City!) on the east coast. The plane was routed to Dulles Airport in Washington, DC, where we waited for four hours aboard the plane. We then flew to JFK Airport in NYC where we waited another three hours aboard the plane while the airport crew unfroze the passageway from the plane to the terminal. Then we waited four hours for our luggage to come to the baggage area; the storm had reduced the manpower at the airport so the luggage returns were very slow for all flights. It took us more than 30 hours to clear our luggage from the time we left the Cairo airport for New York!

    It was a long and exhausting ending to a fabulous trip and we are grateful to be home with our fine memories of Egypt.

    Thanks again

Peter H

    Eternal Egypt Crocodile Cruise and Oasis Hortel:

    Our trip was fabulous and we had a wonderful time.

    Our group was only 14 for the first half, and the second half with the optional tours we added was just the 4 of us with our own personal guide. We saw an incredible amount of Egypt. The number of temples was more than I imagined and they were all unbelievable in there size, detail, and condition (after 3000+ years). Cruising on the Nile was wonderful and the Oasis Hotel was great. Our guides were very knowledgeable and entertaining.

    Thanks for your help with setting this trip up for us.

    John S.


    Egypt Grand Nile

    Hi Shelby!

    We had a wonderful time on our tour of Egypt. Our tour guide Michael was a wonderful host and was very informative and knowledgeable about the history and culture in Egypt. We look forward to utilizing your services again soon and appreciate the follow up email. We have referred some friends to your tour company as well.

    Best Regards,.



    Egypt & Jordan

    Dear Norma Jene,

    Thank you so much for all your hard work and patience booking our tour to Egypt and Jordan. Your close work with us to tailor this trip to our needs was greatly appreciated. Your patience as I panicked as a snow storm hit the day before our departure was wonderful. I must say Mike and I were very impressed with the tour operation through every step of the trip. We were met at every airport and/or hotel (boat) by a welcoming representative that made us rest easy throughout the trip. Flying Egypt Air throughout every leg of the trip was also comforting. The transport was comfortable and safe and we felt taken care of. There was even a gentleman in a suit and tie to show us through immigration at 3am on our return trip!!! How great was that! For the most part, the tour guides were friendly and extremely knowledgeable... I must say we met some wonderful people on this trip and they all had wonderful things to say about Sunny Land Tours and you, Norma...Thanks so much again and we look forward to traveling with you again soon.


Dana W S & Michael R

    Egypt Grand Nile

    We returned safely from Cairo on EgyptAir Flight 985 on Sunday.The flight was delayed by about 7 hours. We'd like to pass on our appreciation to Sunny Land the guides and drivers that helped us throughout our trip. We felt that they were sincerely concerned for our enjoyment of the trip and especially for our safety during the last days when the demonstrations and protests became severe.We were not able to visit the Cairo sites (pyramids, Egyptian Hotel, etc) and our ride from the Cairo hotel to the airport was very uncomfortable due to the threatening violence and tension, but again we felt that our guides and drivers did everything they could to keep us safe. In Luxor our guide was Koram and in Cairo our guide was Esslam.Except for the political turmoil on the last day, we thoroughly enjoyed our trip and look forward to a time when we can return to see the sites that we missed.


Bob and Bonnie C

    Affordable Egypt Fantastic isn’t even a strong enough word for this trip!

    I wanted to pass along my feedback anyway, in hopes that it will be helpful for the future...

    I feel incredibly grateful to have experienced the country before the late January unrest began. It was a beautiful country – the people, the culture, the sites – and I hope that the current situation will be resolved soon. Most importantly, once it is resolved, I hope that it will not be too long before people are able to visit safely as tourists again. I felt very safe throughout my trip, and once the country can get back to that place, I think it will be a fascinating trip for Americans – particularly as positive change comes to the country.

    Fantastic isn’t even a strong enough word for this trip! We had an amazing experience! The tour offered a wonderful mix of the country; the people in Egypt (staff and public) were incredibly friendly and welcoming; the sites were amazing, interesting, and like nothing you can see anywhere else. The tourism industry infrastructure is remarkable and everyone works together very hard and very effectively to ensure that guests have a good experience. I would recommend this program in a heartbeat to anyone looking to discover a new part of the world and willing to open their mind to new cultures - they’ll love it!...

    All in all, it was an incredible trip. The Sunny Land package was a great value and well planned.

    Egypt was truly spectacular - the history and culture was fascinating, the tour guides were phenomenal, the people were friendly and interesting, and the country was beautiful.

    Aside from the current situation, I would recommend this trip enthusiastically to friends. I feel very grateful to have experienced Egypt myself, and I do hope that things will improve soon for the Egyptians and that more people will be able to visit in the not so distant future...

    Thank you both for all your help!!

    Anne M


    We had an extraordinary family vacationWe have been thinking about the wonderful, knowledgeable people who served as our hosts when we were in Egypt in December.They include Mustafa, Almad, and Esslam.

    We'd really appreciate any information that you can give us. We hope that if you are in contact with them and that you convey our concern for them. As you likely know, we had an extraordinary family vacation, and would recommend Sunny Land Tours without any hesitation.

    Warmest regards,

    Bea M. H


    I had an AWESOME time in Egypt!!!Tricia and I had an AWESOME time in Egypt!!! Our trip was so amazing!!! Thank you for an unbelievable experience!!!Thank you thank you thank you!

    ~Miriam =)


    We had a fabulous time.I wanted to take this opportunity and thank you all for assisting me in making a right decision about this trip. We had a fabulous time.... Luckily we had an undivided attention of our tour guide Ahmed, who really made a difference for us. Our luggage was lost in Cairo, and did not arrive to Luxor. We were very upset, especially for the camera. Ahmed took us shopping, helped to get all the essentials, and even gave us his own camera to use until we got our luggage (on day 4 in Aswan).We had a very nice suite on the Carnival, which also made up a little for the lost luggage. There were only just about 30 guests on the boat. Food and service was excellent.

    Ahmed is a very knowledgeable guide, knows and loves his country, and also is a wonderful person. We will definitely want to go back one day and see more of Egypt...

    Thanks again for a wonderful trip. I will recommend Sunny Land Tours to my friends

    Yelena M.


    I have to tell you that I had the absolute time of my life in Egypt!

    Just a note to let you know that I have returned from my March 2011 trip and I have to tell you that I had the absolute time of my life in Egypt! I have traveled a bit and I have to say that Egypt is unequaled in it's sights, culture & beauty.

    I made some new friends in the time I was there and I was humbled to be in their midst during such a historic and exciting time for their country. The people are proud of the changes they brought about in their government and they are ready to get back to work now. Unfortunately, the USA has not yet lifted the travel advisory as other countries did weeks ago. But I never felt unsafe the entire time I was there and I was a woman traveling on my own with the Sunny Land Tours. By the way... Everything was spectacular! I never expected this, but when the crew found out I had special dietary concerns they made fabulous meals for me each & every day! Every single crew member was helpful, kind and ready with a smile. The cabin was spacious and comfortable and had all the amenities you would want.

    I am so grateful that Sunny Land Tours has made the Egypt tour available again. More Americans should take advantage of it. The prices will never be so good and the lines will never be so short. If anyone has ever dreamed of visiting Egypt as I always had, NOW is definitely the time to go! Oh and before I forget, my tour guide Ahmed made the whole trip extraordinary for me. He is a wonderful person and a terrific guide! He is knowledgeable, patient and genuinely loves his job. He is in it for all the right reasons, to educate others about the incredible history of this ancient culture. Thanks again Yelena for your help in making my arrangements, especially with such short notice. All of it worked out beautifully. I would recommend your company to anyone without hesitation. In the meantime, I'll be looking forward to my next trip with Sunny Land Tours!
    Best regards,

Cheryl K

    Everything went exactly on plan

    Hi Yelena,

    Just a short note to say how much we appreciate your planning and organizational skills....everything went exactly on plan. Not one hitch or worry. When we arrived Cairo, Aswan, Hurghada, back to Cairo, Tel Aviv (and the great Israel trip) and back to Cairo again. Esslamthe organizer guide was just great!!!! The whole trip and river cruise was super, no exceptions. Thank you for all your efforts regards

Bob and Diane

    We had an incredible trip to Egypt.We had an incredible trip to Egypt. Felt very safe while there... The guides were great and very knowledgeable, especially Johnny who met us in Aswan and was with us until we flew back to Cairo. We were unable to go to the Valley of the Queens because of construction, but went to the Temple of Hatshepsut, which was incredible and should definitely be included in the tours, according to our guides.

    Thank you for arranging this. I was very glad that I made the trip.


    Sandy W.

Ecuador & Galapagos Islands

    Every part of the trip was well planned....I just wanted to tell you how pleased my husband and I were during our travel to Ecuador and the Galapagos this year...Any future South America travel will be handled through Sunny Land Tours.

    Thank you again! Gail P

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