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Did you know that many, many years ago Sunny Land Tours was the first U.S. tour company to introduce a U.S. built cruise boat on Egypt's Nile River? Named the Nile Explorer and built in Chatenooga, Tennessee this 20 cabin flat bottomed boat provided the base for touring Upper Egypt's ancient treasures.
That was then, back in 1967. Today, Sunny Land Tours continues as a leader in expert travel services to this part of the world. Check out our Egypt vacation packages, each one designed for a trip of lifetime experience. Combine Egypt with Jordan, Morocco, Israel or Kenya. 
Our packages offer great deals to the most popular spots, like Dubai, where indulgence abounds and Abu Dhabi with its distinct art vibe and cultural ambiance. 
Where will your first stop be? Chat with our expert team, just click on the chat icon, and start planning your vacation of a lifetime to Egypt, Israel, Morocco, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Jordan!
Here, in the Middle East, exisists the ancient remintents that provoke the wonderment and awe of humanity.  Come see it for yourself!




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